Recent research by ASDA Little Angels found that parents have ten lifelines to help them get through the early days of parenthood. If you’re a new parent- some of the following might sound all too familiar:

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Dedicated ‘me time’- Even if it’s to go to the toilet on your own- it’s classed as ‘me time’ now. While your partner watches your baby, you can go and hide in the bathroom to escape the madness of it all.

Chocolate- Getting your chocolate fix while your baby is napping feels secretive and devilish but soooo good.

Sharing experiences with other parents- To know that someone else made the same mistakes you have is hugely reassuring.

Netflix- You might not be lucky enough to get through a whole episode without your baby kicking off but that’s what the pause function is for. If you just want background noise, you can pop something on you’ve seen a million times before that you know will put you in a good mood.

Unloading stresses to friends and family- Which basically means unloading your baby onto them while you sleep.

Having a good cry to yourself- And why not? You’ve probably not dressed for days, had a shower recently or brushed your teeth since yesterday so most people would cry at this point.

Caffeine- When you are waking up every two hours- this is the only thing that will get you through. If you don’t drink coffee or drain energy drinks before having children- you certainly will afterwards.

Social media- Seeing a funny video on Facebook or a gif that makes you chuckle on Twitter helps to lift your spirits when you feel like there is nothing beyond the four walls of your house.

Online parenting forums- These are great for honest questions and answers to make you feel better about making silly mistakes that all parents do because they are learning on the job.

Podcasts- You can throw one on while you are dealing with your little one- the perfect multi-tasking pick me up!

To celebrate all the thrills and spills of parenthood, Asda Little Angels has launched a new podcast series – Nappy Natters. Hosted by parents who have been through it all, the show gives an honest insight into the whirlwind of emotions experienced during bump, birth and beyond.

Anna Plester, Category Planning Manager for Asda Little Angels, commented: “We want mums and dads to know they’re not the only people experiencing the imperfections of parenthood. For 81% of new parents, sharing the ups and downs with other mums and dads makes them feel ‘normal’. We hope that Nappy Natters provides the encouragement and comfort of knowing that they’re not in this crazy journey alone we’re with them every step of the way.”

The first episode of Nappy Natters, the three-part podcast series, is available to download from iTunes and Acast now:

Acast ASDA Little Angels – Nappy Natters

iTunes ASDA Little Angels – Nappy Natters

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