Children having a tantrum in public is listed at the most cringe-worthy

Children having a tantrum in public is listed at the most cringe-worthy

Mums continuously feel pressure from the media and celebrities to be perfect, but we know realistically this is far from the the truth. 

Between juggling home and work responsibilities keeping up appearances can be a tough job, especially when your child could be there to embarrass you at any moment. 

It's not that they mean to do it, it's just one of those things that happen, sometimes on a frequent basis. 

Here are the top 10 embarrassing moments mothers have to frequently deal with:

  1. Your child having a tantrum in public 
  2. Your child telling an embarrassing truth to an adult 
  3. Your child throwing up in public 
  4. Being contacted by your child's school about their bad behaviour 
  5. Your child going to the toilet in a swimming pool 
  6. Watching your child eating food in the supermarket before paying at the checkout 
  7. Pulling a child's toy out of your handbag instead of your mobile phone
  8. Your child asking you how babies are made in public
  9. Being told your child has spread head lice round their school 
  10. Accidently locking yourself out of the car while your child is inside 

While dealing with embarrassing moments and illnesses are simply part of being a mum the research, from head lice treatments, Lyclear, also suggests there are other tell-tale signs which signify being a mum:

  1. Going out shopping for the day and only returning with stuff for the children 
  2. Always leaving the house with three bags instead of one 
  3. Always forgetting things 
  4. Going to bed at 9pm every night
  5. Finding bigger pants more comfortable
  6. Suddenly thinking a people carrier seems like a good idea
  7. Panicking about a late night
  8. Getting drunk on one glass of wine 
  9. Learning to get up early with a hangover
  10. Finding conversations about poo hilarious 

Which is your most embarrassing moment?

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