For most new mums, their baby's skin is a thing of beauty. We love to smell it, touch it and keep it as soft as a newborn's bottom!

However, in their first year many babies can develop cradle cap in the form of dry and flaky patches of skin on the crown of the head.

Cradle cap is commonly thought to be caused by a temporary excess of oil production from your baby's scalp, meaning dead skin cells are unable to shed naturally and instead cling to the skin. This can create what appears to be yellowish looking scales on your otherwise perfect baby.

Dry and flaky scalps can be extremely common in babies, it is usually only temporary and does not cause discomfort or itching - however there are things you can do to help.

Consultant Dermatologist, Justine Hextall discusses ways you can help to soothe your baby's scalp while enjoying some lovely mummy / baby time!

Become a massage master

"Massaging natural oils, such as Colief® Baby Scalp Oil, into the skin can help to hydrate the skin and remove any excess flakes. Simply just pour a little oil into your hands or directly onto your baby's scalp and apply gently in circular motions. Not only will this moisturise and soothe your baby's one scalp but it will create a relaxing and indulgent bath time routine, giving you lots of precious bonding time with your child. If you find that your baby's scalp is particularly dry you can try using the oil as an overnight treatment, giving it extra time to soften and loosen the skin."

Brush it away

"To help remove much of the excess skin and flakes you can try using a soft baby brush on the scalp. By using the brush in gently circular motions on your baby's scalp you will loosen any flakes which will then shed naturally. You can even try using the brushing technique alongside your chosen oil, this will make the routine even gentler and the scents from the oil will help soothe your little one."

Rub a dub dub with extra suds

"As it is thought that excess oil can cause the scaly symptoms of cradle cap, you can try increasing the frequency that you shampoo your little one's hair. Many parents opt for a shampoo which treats cradle cap however any gentle baby shampoo will do. Note that soaps can be drying on the skin so make sure that you rinse suds thoroughly to keep as much moisture in the skin as possible."

Take a steam

"There is a very simple way to combat dry skin and that is by adding as much moisture to your environment as possible. Try using a warm humidifier once a day, this will help to restore moisture to your baby's skin and to reduce the dryness in the scalp".

If at any time you feel concerned, your baby's skin becomes inflamed or the dry skin spreads to other areas of the body, speak with your healthcare professional who will be able to help.

Colief® Baby Scalp Oil is suitable for use on babies aged from three months upwards, available at Boots, RRP: £5.99 for 30ml

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