Parents worries about the dangers on the road are necessary as two in five 18-24 year olds have been in a road accident.

One of the great milestones in yours and your child's life is passing their driving test. Although you want your child to go out into the big wide world, you may be a little apprehensive about the whole idea as your 'little cherub' transforms into a fully fledge adult and ventures out onto the road.

Young road users are putting themselves and others at risk on the road, admitting to the accident being their fault, according to new research by Your Legal Friend.

One of the key causes in accident rates by younger drivers' is their levels of experience and therefore lack of confidence behind the wheel. Only half of 18-24 year olds in the survey said they felt comfortable on the road.

Nearly half (47%) of the 18-24 year olds interviewed admitted to the accident being their fault and that, six in 10 (61%) of these collisions resulted in personal injuries.

Whereas nearly three quarters (70%) of over 55s claim to feel relaxed while they are driving, presumably due to their greater level of experience behind the wheel.

The Your Legal Friend Road Report also found that over 55s are more likely to have been in a traffic accident than younger road users, but the accidents they are involved in are less serious in nature.

Philip Waters, road traffic accident solicitor at Your Legal Friend commented: "Experience clearly pays dividends when it comes to navigating the hazardous UK roads, but our study should be a warning to Britons of all ages - road traffic accidents are serious and many result in injuries for the people involved.

"Accidents do not just have a physical impact; they can also lead to financial concerns for the victims, particularly if they prevent victims from working or lead them to incur expensive medical, care or legal bills. Clearly, affordable legal support is vital in ensuring that innocent victims of road traffic accidents can access the justice they deserve."

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