Hello readers, I hope you are all well. This month I wanted to talk about psychic abilities and do we all have them.

Emma Kinsey

Emma Kinsey

I am asked on many occasions have we all got the ability to be a psychic/psychic medium or is it only certain people. My answer is always the same, each and every one of us has the ability to be more aware of the spiritual side and become more open to it. We are all able to heighten our senses and look out for signs that the spirit world sends.

I feel that more understanding of this is needed in the world so everyone can be aware of how to do this. A good thing to try is to buy your own pack of angels cards. When using these on yourself or others it opens up your spiritual senses more. There are also a lot of development classes around that you could go to and a lot of books you can get from the internet that helps explain things to you.

Although I know each and every one of us is spiritually aware not everyone is necessarily a psychic medium. A psychic medium like myself is someone that connects with people on the other side. I gained my gift the day that I was born and I started experiencing spirit at the age of five. I believe this is a gift that you are either born with or not. Saying that many people are able to do this but a lot of people do not start using their gift until a lot later on in life. Sometimes this because it is a scary thing for people to deal with.

It is also a gift that can be very controversial and some people do not feel strong enough to stand up and admit this is the gift they have. To anyone that feels like that, my advice to you is to embrace it, you are so lucky to be able to connect people with their loved ones. In my experience, the spirit world will not leave you alone until you do.

You cannot "learn" to become a psychic medium you either have the gift or not . I would encourage everyone to go to a good development class to make you more spiritually aware but a development class cannot turn you into a psychic medium if the gift is simply not there.

If you are a psychic medium I am aware that many people teach how our gift should be used. In my experience spirit are the only people that teach us how to use our gift, there is no rule book only the guidance given from spirit. That is what all psychic mediums should follow.

Angel Card Of The Month - Spiritual Growth By Doreen Virtue

I have chosen this card today as it urges you to become more spiritually aware. We are all able to do this, your angels and loved ones are only a thought away.

Emma Kinsey