Gok Wan

Gok Wan

Gok Wan is calling on people from all over the UK to ‘donate themselves’ as part of the annual Vodafone World Of Difference programme. The ongoing initiative will see 500 people from across the UK given the opportunity to work for a local charity of their choice and get paid for it.

As well as providing support to often-understaffed charities, the programme has so far helped 1500 people bring valuable skills and experience to charitable organisations across the UK.

The World of Difference programme presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone recently inspired by the London 2012’s Games Makers, the troop of volunteers were applauded right across the country for making the Olympic and Paralympic games such a success.

For the first time, the World of Difference UK 2012 programme will be open to all previous participants and offers both full and part-time placements, making it easier to suit everyone’s lifestyle demands. 

So if you’re interested in volunteering for World of Difference UK 2012 programme log on to our live and interactive TV show where Gok Wan will be answering your questions on the selection process, how the programme works and how to get involved.    

Click here to submit questions before the show http://www.studiotalk.tv/show/gok-wan-talks-about-how-you-can-volunteer-and-get-paid

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