There is open communication regarding the psychological effects of adult films and the objectification of women that results from them. Indulging in your desires isn’t necessarily bad, but it is important for people to distinguish between acting and reality. With OnlyFans’ popularity continuing to grow, more women are putting objectifying images of themselves out in the world, and although they consciously don’t see themselves as an object, subconsciously these thoughts get planted, reinforcing the idea of objectification. The viewers and subscribers of these images have the same thoughts rooted in their conscious or subconscious mind. Modeling is an entire industry, and one that should continue to grow, but what does need to change is how we view the models, and Influencer SisterKristy, shares her experience.

image credit SisterKristy

image credit SisterKristy

SisterKristy has suffered from this objectification firsthand. “A constant battle I’ve experienced in my industry is the judgment people have before meeting me.” She shares that when people talk about her, their first move is to share her Instagram page as if that is all that is of value. She says that after she has a conversation with someone new, the conversation tends to end with them telling her they thought she was going to be some “dumb bimbo with big boobs that didn’t know what she was doing.” This bias is damaging to the growth women have made. Being an OnlyFans model isn’t the problem, the problem is the opinion people have about the professionals in the industry.

Men are often blamed for the objectification of women and the dehumanization of a model, but women are guilty of this as well. Women have gender bias and misogyny deeply rooted within them due to these issues still being prevalent in our culture today. Most women aren’t aware of the effect it has had on them and how they have maybe even contributed to the larger issue. OnlyFans models are constantly greeted by judgement and comments that suggest they are no more than a “pretty face and a hot body.”  People will think it’s okay to say whatever they want to their OnlyFans models, believing their only existence is to please and support their fans. Models are met with negative thoughts regarding their path following the OnlyFans trend, resulting in people commenting they weren’t smart enough to do anything else.

SisterKristy is changing the conversation and overcoming the stereotypes that consistently come towards her. Kristy is running a business, as are all other influencers. Her influencer life isn’t only her lounging around her home taking photos. It requires a lot of management. If she takes a single day off work, it will hurt her business. She has to watch her spending, track her travels, and keep detailed documentation of her projects. She’s had to make difficult and risky decisions to grow her business to what it is today, and she doesn’t get any time off. Just as actresses are required to maintain a specific body type and high level of self-care, so does Kristy. Although, unlike celebrities, if she falls off track from her specific health routines, it will have a much more definitive effect on her career. If she loses her notoriety in the industry, rising out of a lull isn’t as easy as the stars that forever maintain their relevance.

So, being an influencer takes more than just a “pretty face and a hot body.” It takes confidence, guts, and a mind for business. That’s before we address the commitment and organization required to keep the business afloat. Change the dialog when talking about influencers. Celebrate their gumption and commemorate women and their accomplishments of making it in a highly competitive industry.

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