Britain's Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has become embroiled in a charity cash row.

On his advice, Brooke stopped further cash payments

One of the duchess' favourite organisations - the Brooke Hospital for Animals charity - is being sued for £100,000 after it allegedly stopped paying a sister charity it thought was "wasting money".

Brooke stopped payments to the Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (CRAA), after a report said money was being spent improperly.

John Greany, a field officer for Brooke, was reportedly unhappy with the way the CRAA was spending money. On his advice, Brooke stopped further cash payments.

But CRAA sources say they weren't misspending funds.

A source told Britain's The Daily Mail newspaper: "They claimed, among other things, that we used their money to buy a TV set and to pay for air conditioning.

"But we needed the air con to keep medicines for the animals and the TV set was so that we could show videos to guests about the work we are doing."

Camilla became president of the equine welfare charity - which provides help for horses in Afghanistan - three years ago and has travelled extensively with the company.It is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and Camilla is planning several events to celebrate.

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