Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will have a jam packed three-day trip to Canada later this month.

Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles

Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles

The royals will start their visit in the Northern Territory, Nunavut - in what will be the 18th tour of Canada for the Prince of Wales and the fourth for the Duchess of Cornwall - and will receive a traditional Inuit welcome. Prince Charles will also inspect the Quarter Guard of Canadian Rangers.

Once that is done, the pair will go their separate ways for the time being with the Prince visiting Charities Canada whilst also attending another engagement on the environment and climate change effects in this area.

The Duchess of Cornwall will attend a meeting on improving the life and health of women in the North before reuniting with her husband for a "community celebration" featuring local performers.

Their second day will begin in Trenton, Ontario, where they will visit the 8 Wing-Canadian Forces Base to meet with the Royal Canadian Air Force Members and will be given a guided tour through the hangers.

From there, the Prince of Wales will meet beneficiaries and supporters of the Prince's Operation Entrepreneur whilst the Duchess of Cornwall will visit The Queen's Own Rifles, an Army Reserve Regiment. The day will end with a visit to a local farmer's market and the Norman Hardie Winery.

They will end their visit celebrating Canada Day in Canada's capital, Ottawa and border city Gatineau, Quebec. There will be a 21-gun salute during an Inspection of the Guard, followed by a visit to the Canadian Museum of History and then the opening of the National Arts Centre, which has been recently renovated.

Prince Charles will then go and visit Shopify to learn about the "company's unique work environment and education program" before the couple end their day taking part in Canada Day celebrations on Parliment Hill.

The royals will unveil The Queen's Entrance at Rideau Hall in honour of the Queen's Sapphire Jubilee and they will be honoured with a Departure Guard.