Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine

Babies born on the same day as Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine's new arrival will receive a "lucky" silver penny.

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth on Saturday July 13, and to mark the occasion the Royal Mint - the maker's of the nation's currency - has made 2,013 commemorative coins to be handed out to children fortunate enough to be born on the same day.

Shane Bissett, director of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, said: "The birth of the royal baby will be a joyous occasion not just for Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but also for the whole nation, as we prepare to celebrate another remarkable milestone in their life journey together.

"However it will also be a special day for many mothers and fathers across the country as they too welcome the arrival of their new baby, hence why we wanted to extend this historical moment to them with a lucky silver penny."

An average of 1,983 kids are born each day in the UK so the 1,000-year-old organisation has ensured there will be plenty of the pennies - which are worth £28 - available.

The special coins - which can be obtained by parents who register on the Royal Mint's Facebook page - will be delivered in a blue or pink purse, depending on the sex of the lucky baby, and be marked 2013.

They will also be decorated with a shield of the Royal Arms as well as a teddy bear and feature the message: "Solid sterling silver good luck penny."

What's more, parents with kids born on the same day as the royal baby might like to get their little one off to sleep with a playlist of alternative lullabies created by digital music service Rdio.

The Cradle Will Rock playlist features tunes from the likes of Bjork and The Beatles and is available to listen to here: http://rd.io/x/QUJ7kTMe7P8/

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