Prince William

Prince William

Prince William is related to rock legend Mick Fleetwood it has been revealed.

New research shows that both Prince William and Prince Harry share blood with the Fleetwood Mac legend, through an ancestor on Princess Diana's side of the family. 

Mick, 66, is a sixth cousin, thrice removed, of the royal heirs, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

It's claimed the late Princess Diana's ninth great-grandfather Edward Lascelles - who hailed from north Yorkshire - was also Mick's sixth great-grandfather.

Ancestry UK's Miriam Silverman, who conducted the research, said: "It seems like Mick Fleetwood was always destined to be famous with both royal and celebrity connections in his family tree."

Mick Fleetwood

British-born Mick - who was born and raised in Cornwall - moved to the United States in the mid-Seventies, where he found fame with Fleetwood Mac.

The band has had a string of hits including 'Go Your Own Way' and 'Dreams'.

Mick's royal connection means he is also a distant relative of Prince William's newborn son with Duchess Catherine, Prince George.

The young royal family are currently enjoying some downtime at Queen Elizabeth's summer residence, Balmoral, and are expected to move into their new home on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London imminently.

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