Prince George will receive a puppy and a new train set for his birthday.

Prince George

Prince George

The young royal turns three next Friday (22.07.16) and his parents Prince William and Duchess Catherine are said to be planning to purchase the toddler a Bolonka Zwetnas dog, a breed which can cost up to £1,800.

Sources have revealed the couple - who also have 14-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte - are going to buy George one of the furless Russian pups, which should be suitable for allergy sufferer Catherine, who is allergic to horses.

An insider told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Bolonka Zwetnas are energetic, sturdy and playful -- perfect for George. And while they have a tendency to suffer hip dysplasia, they also have a love of sitting on laps for warmth."

George already has his parents' dog Lupo to play with as well as their hamster Marvin.

The youngster has also developed a penchant for all ball-related sports and will be receiving footballs and mini rugby balls with his initials GALC on.

His full name is George Alexander Louis and the C is said to stand for Cambridge because it was thought having balls with GAL on "might be a tad girly and he wouldn't like it when he was older".

Lucky George is also set to receive a rare 'Royal Scot' train set from Hornby, which retail at around £279.99, from his parents and Prince Charles has a mini Aston Martin car lined up to give to his grandson.

The little one is also likely to have a party at William and Catherine's Anmer Hall home in Norfolk, east England, as well as another at Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth's Scottish residence.

The family are to visit George's grandmother after his birthday and a source said: "pony rides will be on offer while Prince Philip is in charge of the royal barbecue to round off the celebrations".