Princess Diana loved listening to the song 'The Wild Boys' by Duran Duran.

Princess Diana loved the Duran Duran song 'The Wild Boys'

Princess Diana loved the Duran Duran song 'The Wild Boys'

The late royal was a big fan of the popular 1980s band - made up of Simon Le Bon, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor - and they have revealed how Diana used to play the 1984 track in the car with her young sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, bass guitarist John recalled: "When we met Harry and William, they said, 'Oh, we used to sit in the back seat and mum would play 'Wild Boys', and we would sing along.'

"That idea stuck with me that the little boys would be going 'wild boys', that that would be a moment for them."

The band performed at the Platinum Party at the Palace to mark the late Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year and Roger claims that the group have an "attachment" to the British royal family.

The 62-year-old drummer said: "We have a bit of an attachment to the royal family, with Diana, because she was a big fan of (the) band and a big supporter early on.

"There's always been that kind of emotional thing going on with the royal family, so it felt great to be there."

The performance was made more poignant by the passing of the Queen in September and the 'Rio' hitmakers are grateful that they got a final opportunity to honour the monarch.

Nick said: "Being British, we've never known anything else but the Queen... She's a remarkable human being. I think she made very good judgements for the country. We all appreciate that. She gave her life to service, so sort of saying thank you at a show for her remarkable reign was fun."

Simon, 64, added: "She's affected all our lives so much. We grew up with her values and, in many ways, we all have assumed many of her values. She influenced the nation in the way they think. That doesn't just go because she's passed, that stays with us."