At least 14 cooks and kitchen staff reportedly resigned from royal residencies over their workload due to their workload.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Staff employed by the British Royal Family, including chefs and porters, were said to be unhappy at being asked to work at several royal residences without being given any additional money as an incentive.

A source explained: "The place is in turmoil and the mood is getting steadily worse.

"Because the Queen now lives at Windsor Castle most of the time, chefs often have to go there, then back to Buckingham Palace for functions."

Staff apparently decided to quit their jobs because they felt that the demands being placed on them had become unfair.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the insider shared: "Prince Charles uses the staff to throw events. Chefs are also asked to help out at Kensington Palace for William, Kate and Harry, plus dinners at St James's Palace.

"People work all hours God sends for no extra pay. Nobody gets any time off or sees their families. It's too much.

"They've concluded it's not worth it any more. At least seven chefs have quit, plus other members of staff. Some are very experienced and won't be easy to replace."

The walkout will be particularly disappointing to Queen Elizabeth, who recently returned to London after spending the summer at Balmoral in Scotland.

The source said: "This is the last thing she needs on returning from her summer holidays at Balmoral.

"She hates change and chaos and will be upset by all these resignations."