Google has released a new Chrome extension to allow users to lodge complaints about slow websites.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The new Core Web Vitals feature is part of a drive to get developers to focus on speed by looking at what the Chrome team sees as a useful collection of important data.

The extension's official website says: "Google has provided a number of tools over the years (Lighthouse, Chrome DevTools, PageSpeed Insights, Search Console's Speed Report) to measure and report on performance.

"Some developers are experts at using these tools, while others have found the abundance of both tools and metrics challenging to keep up with.

"Site owners should not have to be performance gurus in order to understand the quality of experience they are delivering to their users."

The tech giant notes that the three "2020 Core Web Vitals" are "critical to all web experiences".

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) "measures loading performance", while First Input Delay (FID) looks at "interactivity" in order "to provide a good user experience".

Finally, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) considers "visual stability".