Two police officers in Los Angeles were fired for chasing Pokemon instead of fleeing burglars.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Court documents have revealed that the pair were parked nearby when a radio call came in for officers to respond to a robbery at a shop.

A review of the in-car footage showed that the duo had been playing Pokemon Go and chose to pursue a rare catch in the form of a Snorlax rather that attend the crime scene.

The officers, named as Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, pleaded innocence but were dismissed from the police following an investigation.

The documents say that the pair ignored a radio call for back-up during the 2017 incident and "for approximately the next 20 minutes, [video] captured [the] petitioners discussing Pokémon as they drove to different locations where the virtual creatures apparently appeared on their mobile phones".

A fellow officer, Capt Davenport, also heard the call and made his way to the scene - where he spotted the pair's police car reversing down the alley and leaving the area.

In-car camera footage revealed that the offending officers had discussed the call and opted not to respond and could then be heard talking about Pokemon soon after.

The documents say: "Officer Mitchell alerted Lozano that 'Snorlax... just popped up [at] 46th and Leimert."

The pair then embarked on a 20-minute gaming session and discussion where they could be heard chatting about their successful capture of Snorlax.

The duo have since had their claims rejected in court and then on appeal after being fired.