USA is bargain shopping destination

USA is bargain shopping destination

The Christmas shopping basket reveals that all but two shopping items were cheaper in America than in the UK - and that Spain has the most expensive gifts.

The USA is not only one of the most popular Christmas shopping destinations - it’s also the cheapest.

Shoppers in the UK are facing steep prices for some of the most popular gifts this Christmas, compared to those in other shopping hot spots around the world. In the Christmas shopping basket the average item came in at a massive 43 per cent cheaper in the USA than in the UK.

The Christmas shopping basket was compiled of nine popular presents including an iPad 2, Kim Kardashian perfume, Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, Toshiba Smart TV and a Barbie Princess Doll. The total cost of the nine items if bought in the UK came to £1,532 which was £481 more expensive than the USA, where it would set you back £1,051.

The most expensive destination to pick up your gifts this winter is Spain, with the total basket setting shoppers back a pricey £1,618.

Other popular European shopping destinations for Brits came in cheaper with the basket costing £1,349 in the Netherlands and £1,419 in Germany. However, Ireland also proved pricey at £1,526, just £6 cheaper than the UK.

The total costs per country for the entirety of the Christmas shopping basket:

Spain - £1,618

UK - £1,532

Ireland - £1,526

France - £1,351

Italy - £1,484

Germany - £1,419

Netherlands - £1,349

USA - £1,051

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