Amsterdam is an absolutely gorgeous city, and I assure you there are many more things to do and see that you would ever imagine. It is true that most of the people immediately think about legalised marijuana and the Red-Light District when they hear about Amsterdam, but the true beauty of the city is defined by something else. Narrow houses, pretty canals, beautiful bridges, colourful flours and an extremely liberal culture will make you feel like you never want to stop taking pictures or leave at the end of your trip.

Are you headed to Amsterdam?

Are you headed to Amsterdam?

Make sure you prepare your passport, get a Netherlands Schengen visa appointment in London to obtain a visa, pack your bags and check here what you can eat, see or do in Amsterdam and be ready to fall in love with the capital of Netherlands.

Food experience

Amsterdam offers to its tourist a unique and wide variety of foods. Yes, there is more to try there than just the weed brownies. Dutch cuisine has many delicious foods that you need to try at least once in your life. If you need to try a sweet treat in Amsterdam you definitely should go for Stroopwafel, two small waffles stuck together that works amazingly with a cup of coffee in the morning. After having a few drinks in a small pub, you need to try the deep-fried meatballs called Bitterballen that are an amazing snack that can be found on many menus in Amsterdam pubs. The emblem of the Dutch cuisine is surely the cheese, Netherlands produces and exports millions of tons of cheese every year, so, if you are a cheese lover this place is going to be like heaven for you.

Must-see sights

The places that Amsterdam has to offer for tourist are so various and many. The city is well-known for the fact that it has a very large number of museums with so many themes, so if you love art you surely have a lot to see here but make sure you book the tickets online early in time to avoid the long waiting lines. Moreover, the canals and the bridges are a delight to admire while walking around the city. As the night sets in, you probably want to go to visit the famous Red-Light District since is not something that you can see everywhere, but be aware of the fact that you are not allowed to take photos of the girls standing at the windows.


Amsterdam is a city that is very friendly for riding the bicycles, you are going to see that almost everyone is using them to get around the city. After you have visited everything that was on your list, you can rent one for yourself and go to any of the big parks that exist there and enjoy a relaxing day. As it gets dark outside, many pubs and clubs are opened until late in the morning where you can drink, dance and enjoy the nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer.