Visit New York for the city break of a lifetime

Visit New York for the city break of a lifetime

1. New York, USA
Home of the Big Apple, this is a city break of a lifetime if you don't mind splashing out. With its sky high buildings and fast paced attitude, you will never forget your first time in New York.

With its picturesque setting and iconic characteristics, such as yellow taxi cabs, hot dog stalls and steam rising from the man hole covers in the street, this city is far from boring. Climb the iconic Empire State buliding to get the perfect city view, take a ride on the Staten Island ferry to admire the Statue of Liberity and visit the many galleries and museums for that city break you could barely even imagine. And whilst in New York, you can not miss shopping in the many malls and shops scattered around the city. Take a shopping trip to Madison Avenue, Broadway or Fifth Avenue and come back wirth a lighter purse but plenty of shopping bags to show for it.

And not to be missed in one of the many shows shown on Broadway. A trip to New York is an estenssial 'must see' city to visit.

The cheapest time to visit is between January and Febuary. Airlines offer cheaper flights and once you are there, there are many promotions that will help you save money.

2. Amsterdam, Nerverlands
You will find plenty to do in the beautiful city of Amsterdam including a walk around the city and a visit to all the interesting and excitng museums and galleries scattered around the city. There are also many shops to explore and buy interesting goods as well as quiet cafes to enjoy a cuppa at.

Amsterdam is based around water, giving it a unique and interesting feel to it. Fall in love with this city and explore the nightlife, amazing restaurants and great transport.

3. Rome, Italy
If you're a history enthusiastic, Rome is the city for you. Overflowing with historical sites, there is always somewhere to go and see in this beautiful city. The city is famous for the Roman heritage of the Colosseum, the Panatheon and the Forum and it draws crowds to this city all year round.

Enjoy the moiuthwatering food and wine, pleasent piazzas and the early summer climate for that perfect city break.

4. Dublin, Ireland
If you're looking for a short break, take a visit to Dublin. With its friendly atmosphere and energetic nightlife in its bars and restaurants, Dublin has it all. The city has developed over time and now has excellent shopping, beautiful restaurants and modern hotels. And with it only a short plane ride from the UK, this city is a quick and easy getaway for a short city break.

5. London
Save money on flights and visit the capital of the UK, London. If you live in the UK and have never visited the capital, now is the time to do it. Take a trip and see the iconic landmarks of this country, including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral and the Shard to name just a few of the many in this city.

Visiting the art gallaries and museums will keep you entertained throughout the day. Plus once you have finished exploring the city, take a trip to Covent Garden where here you can buy just about anything.

Not to miss is a visit to the West End where here you will see some of the best stage productions performed in the country.

London also has a great nightlife with world class restraunts, theatres, cinemas and music of all kinds. Although this city can be pricey, it will be worth the cost.

6. Paris, France
The capital of France, this is a great city break that is not too far from the UK. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and admire the view of the city or look inside the Musée du Louvre where the world famous, Mona Lisa painting is held.

This city is crampacked with interesting things to see and do. A popular city break for UK residents.

7. Berlin, Germany
Berlin, the capital of Germany, is visited by people all over the world for that sensational city break. Overflowing with top museums, galleries and opera and guerrilla clubs, this city has something for everyone to enjoy.

8. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean surrounded by hills by all sides making this a perfect getaway with its beautiful setting and peaceful atmosphere. With its art galleries and wonderful shopping areas, and a range of restaurants, bars and nightlife entertainment, there is always somethign to do in Barcelona. And if you fancy some time to relax, take a trip to the beach which is a ten minute walk from the city centre.

9. Prague, Czech Republic
Prauge, the capital of Czech Republic is on of the buisiest city break destinations in Europe. This city is full of old stone buildings, many from which you will recognise form Hollywood Films. Not only is this destination perfect for all your city needs but away from the crowds this city comes to life with its bridges running over the river and its chic restaurants and bars.

10. Stockholm, Sweden
The gorgeous city is set on water and is packed with beautiful places to eat, drink and shop. And if you love shopping, this is the place to be with its world's largest H&M store.

By Claire Lancaster