PODCAST: Around the World in 80 Showers

On his travels Gary experienced the whole range of different ways in which various cultures carry out their daily ablutions.

His experiences include bathing elephants in Kochi, taking a dip under the stunning Athirippilly waterfalls in India, bungee jumping headfirst 43 metres into New Zealand’s Kawarau River, through to taking an old-fashioned indoor shower at the 22 million dollar Hollywood party home the House of Rock.

And after trying out 80 different showers in 11 countries he proclaimed ‘the best shower in the world’ to be found in Guatemala.

Underpinning all of these adventures and experiences was also the aim to generate awareness for the Water Aid charity, which works to provide clean water and sanitation for communities in developing countries.

And to top it off, Gary has been feeding back the best of his showering experiences to the boffins at sponsors Mira Showers, to inform their research and development to create the shower of the future.

It’s early days yet but you could be seeing the elephant trunk shaped shower head in a shop near you soon. Here, Gary talks more about his incredible adventure

FemaleFirst @FemaleFirst_UK