PODCAST: Holidaymakers Warned by CAA to Check They’re Protected on Last-Minute Deals

With thousands expected to flee the continuing cold weather to warmer climes for a last minute Easter getaway, the CAA is urging people to make sure they are ATOL protected to avoid huge costs and uncertain return passages to the UK if their travel company goes bust.

In the last three years, figures show that 61,000 Brits have had to be repatriated to the UK after their travel company failed, while 171,000 refunds were issued, at a total cost of £45 million.

However, refunds are only provided to travellers who had ATOL protected travel bookings - those who didn't protect their holiday lost their money and in some cases were left stranded abroad.

An expected last minute rush on bad-weather escape holidays this Easter, coupled with people using the time off to book their summer breaks, could see many take cheap deals with companies who are not ATOL protected.

And new research released today reveals that much of the nation is in the dark about how to protect themselves and their money on holiday, with many admitting that they don’t have a clue as to what they’ve signed up for.

Close to half of UK adults admit to being more concerned with getting the cheapest deal than with making sure they are financially protected

Worryingly, 17 per cent of those asked said they never read the terms and conditions of their holiday package, whilst 22 per cent said they didn’t know what travel insurance covers them for and 37 per cent didn’t fully understand what ATOL protection is.

Furthermore, while nearly 90 per cent of people consider cost when they book their trip, only half of them think about protecting their hard-earned holiday.

So if you're planning a last-minute getaway what should we be looking out for?

We’re joined by David Clover from the Civil Aviation Authority to talk more about this issue - podcast above.

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