Hitch a Ride with BlaBlaCar

Hitch a Ride with BlaBlaCar

The sun is slowly crawling back under the clouds and the days are getting darker slightly quicker. Sooner or later - gone will be the hot sunny days and we will be getting home after work in pitch darkness. So there are still many of us out there wanting to get a break before the end of the summer period and we all have to knuckle down - back to reality. The only thing holding the majority of us back is the concept of having to splurge out a huge amount of non-existent money! 

So with money being tight what can you do? There are options available to you, you just have to find them! We all know driving is not so cheap with petrol prices soaring, so it's a good job BlaBlaCar has thought of a genius idea. This company allows you to cut back on car costs by providing a ride-sharing service that connects like-minded drivers to paying passengers. A win-win situation for both as they will both save some money and travel more comfortably than taking several trains and buses to get to the destination desired.

Currently used by more than 600,000 passengers every month

It's not as awkward as it sounds though, so don't be put off! The website allows drivers and passengers to select their travelling buddies based on their tastes for chatter and music in the car. A great feature is that they also allow people to rate drivers or passengers so you can see who makes good company on travels. Past reviews are always ideal for making an informed decision so always read the reviews before deciding who you want to accompany on your journeys.

On average they have said that the service allows you to save 79% to off-peak single rail tickets. An example has been given of this -  "For last-minute escapes, it’s still better value. On the day, a train from Plymouth to Southampton can cost up to £103.50* - with BlaBlaCar, the same journey costs £11, saving passengers 90% on the journey." - Information from national-rail website.


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