Today is the world of blues. Here are five great places to lose you inhibitions and forget the hardships of life.

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

There are many cities and states in Southern USA that could be highlighted as iconic of the blues, but Jackson brought together some of the most important forefathers of the genre. Mississippi is the home of legends such as BB King, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson.

At the bottom of the map on America’s blues trail, Jackson is probably the most influential and recognised place in the history of blues music.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

While Jackson sits at the bottom of the map on the blues trail, Chicago rests at the top. Chicago is a city that is big in nearly all genres, but its influence in the development of blues was particularly noteworthy. While the simplicity of acoustic guitars were the preference of the delta blues down in Mississippi, Chicago gave the genre a rock edge, introducing electric guitars and a faster pace.

Christchurch, New Zealand

It’s not particularly well documented, but New Zealand has a healthy relationship with blues that was introduced through British blues artists such as Eric clapton and The Rolling Stones. Although the small island country hasn’t developed its own sound of blues, it still produces popular musicians, such as, Darren Watson and has a nationwide following in the form of The New Zealand blues Society.

Ottawa, Canada

While very few Canadian blues musicians have achieved international or even national success, the music is extremely popular on local scenes and the country has dedicated blues radio shows and festivals, including  CBC Radio One's Saturday Night Blues and the Ottawa Bluesfest.

Sydney, Australia

Similar to New Zealand and Canada, Australia is not internationally recognised as a place of blues, but with large scale festivals and appreciation societies, the country is a consumer of the genre. Some musicians, like John Butler, have come to be internationally respected. Butler sometimes uses aboriginal influences in his music and ads that Australian stamp to the classic blues sound.

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James Mellan @jamesmellan1