Brits Revisit Childhood Holiday Destinations as Adults

Brits Revisit Childhood Holiday Destinations as Adults

We all remember the holiday’s from our childhood, how much fun they were and how we enjoyed returning year upon year.

Now, research shows that nearly half of UK adults will return to their childhood holiday destinations for their summer holiday.

This new craze has been named the ‘inherited holiday’ and 27 per cent of Brits admitted they have been on one in the last two years.

Over half of Brits also admitted that although they haven’t revisited the exact location of their childhood holidays, they did influence their choices and lead them to go on similar holidays as an adult.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket who conducted the research, says, “This research supports a trend we’ve noticed, which is that families are increasingly likely to return to tried and tested destinations. Children are starting to inherit holidays and behaviours from their parents as Mum and Dad pass on traditions and activities which they remember themselves as special to them.“

It’s thought that the most common reason for Brits returning to childhood holiday destinations is due to the tough economic times.

More than half of those surveyed said they return to destinations because they know they are good value for money.

Bob commented, “Our family holidays give us memories that last a lifetime, so it’s little wonder they’re so important to us. We can’t afford to get them wrong, especially as the current economic climate is putting pressure on families to get the best value from their holiday.

Over 40 per cent said they return because they know they will enjoy themselves, and 39 per cent said it was because they wanted their children to have the same experiences they had.

Bob said, “However, while it’s understandable that a lot of people like going back to places they know, for those keen to try something new there are some great destinations for families and some fantastic deals to be had.

“If you want to stay relatively close to home, consider Spain, Greece or Turkey. But for those willing to travel further afield, places like Florida, Egypt and Sri Lanka can offer affordable prices and great family memories.”

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