Known for her integral roles in HBO’s Game of Thrones, The Tudors and the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay film, Natalie Dormer has teamed up with Contiki for the #ContiLegends project.

Natalie with the 'London to Athens' group

Contiki, who has been showing young travellers the time of their lives in over 50 destinations since 1962, recently launched the #ContikiLegends project, gathering real traveller stories dating back to the brand’s launch 52 years ago.

As the face of the #ContikiLegends campaign, Natalie got behind the camera once again to retell an incredible story of a young blind woman who leads her fellow travellers through the cobblestoned streets of Rome, finding their way back to the hotel simply by using her other senses.

The story represents what Contiki is all about – connecting young people through shared adventures, challenging the ordinary and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone to make every moment count.

Natalie surprised the group in Rome

The actress said: “I really wanted to do this Contiki project as there’s a little bit of nostalgia there. I was last here in Rome when I was 18 doing the gap-year backpack thing and I really wish I had known about Contiki at the time, because I would have been straight on one of their holidays!”

In addition to retelling one of Contiki’s greatest legends on film, Natalie surprised a group of young travellers in Rome currently on Contiki’s ‘London to Athens’ trip. The TV and film star posed for photos with the group and chatted openly to them about all of the incredible legends they had made on the trip thus far.

Toni Ambler, Head of Brand Communications for Contiki said: “Natalie is a great fit for #ContikiLegends – her youthful demeanour and passion for life perfectly reflect the Contiki brand and we’re thrilled to have her retell this authentic story, inspiring others to travel when they’re young.

“The looks on the travellers faces when Natalie walked into the room was incredible – this is definitely one Contiki legend they’ll be telling over and over for years to come.”


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