They're the new, minimum effort micro-breaks - and they're making it easier than ever for Brits to get that 'Great Break Feeling'.

Marriott Great Break Graph

Marriott Great Break Graph

According to new research from Marriott hotels in the UK, two thirds of Brits (67 per cent) say spending just one night away from home is all it takes for them to feel they're taking a leisure break.

These micro-breakers don't need to travel far either, two fifths (41 per cent) have taken a break within their own county or region and the average distance travelled is just 72 miles from home, with another one in six doing so within a 25-mile radius.

It's the excitement of arriving somewhere new that is most likely to give Brits the 'Great Break Feeling', with half of the 2,000 people questioned by Marriott (49 per cent) saying excitement kicks in the moment they arrive at their destination.

The top ten factors for giving Brits the 'Great Break Feeling' are:

  1. Arriving at their destination
  2. Finally setting off
  3. Admiring the view
  4. Making a booking
  5. Enjoying the first alcoholic tipple of the trip
  6. Packing
  7. Browsing and planning trips
  8. Testing out the bed on arrival
  9. Unpacking
  10. Researching a trip

Speaking about the findings, Michel Miserez, UK Area Vice President, Marriott UK and Ireland, said: "We are dedicated to helping travellers of all kinds make the most of their time away, so we are always interested to learn more about the changing nature of leisure breaks.

"People should treat this emerging trend for micro-breaks as they do longer holidays - spending time researching and planning to ensure they make the most of whatever time they have.

"With 54 hotels across the UK, all with expert teams on-hand to help people get that 'Great Break Feeling', whenever and however they're travelling, we pride ourselves on providing amazing stays and memorable experiences."

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