Holiday Destination

Holiday Destination

E bookers survey has revealed that many of us want to go on holiday -  third (39%) of Brits prefer a holiday over a higher-paid salary (25%) or a new car (12%). Shocking results much? Surely, if you have more money, you can spend that bit more on your ...Er okay then.

So when it comes to choosing priorities, maybe us Brits have got it all muddled up, because getting that holiday has beat a bigger wage pack, from the polled 2,000 adults. Not just that but majority of people want a break due to stresses of work (29%) as opposed to getting away for some sunshine or visiting friends. That's why I'm not surprised that 28% of folks like to book their holidays whilst in the office or at work so as to get away from the environment.

We all deserve a break and true, work can sometimes get on top of you, so this is probably why he data shows such a high percentage of people booking spontaneous holidays. However, further knowledge comes to light in regards to these prompt bookings - 24% arrive to their holiday destination without having booked any accommodation! (more men than women do this statistically)...

 What’s more, some of us aren't ready to crash back to reality any sooner as we look for the next break, with 14% of people admitting to having booked a holiday while on another holiday.

Jessica Craker, UK Marketing Manager, comments: “We understand the importance of a holiday for people to let off steam and re-charge their batteries, whether that be for a fun city weekend or a relaxing two week beach break. We aim to make booking travel an easier experience for all of our customers, regardless of when, where or how they are booking. People want a quick and simple solution to make their bookings less time consuming.

“In response to this growing trend which sees 42% of those surveyed making bookings on-the-go within 24 hours or less and a further 29% on the same day, we knew there was a need for an efficient one-stop-shop for travelling and we are pleased to have introduced our free ebookers Travel app for iPhone and iPad to address just that. The app allows customers to search and book hotels, flights and car hire on the move – giving customers more time to enjoy the fun bit - their holiday.”

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