Ibiza. This magical island is a place filled with so much atmosphere. When I think of Ibiza I think of the partying scene, but it holds so much more. I had the honour of visiting this incredible place to test out the new Huawei P20; a phone which has the top camera on the market, and is perfect for those beyond basic selfies and sunset pics.

I was staying at the five star 7Pines Resort, situated in Sant Josep de Sa Talia. As I stepped foot into the grounds of the hotel I was taken aback by the stunning views of the island. Being able to take a swim in the pool which overlooked the famous dragon shaped mountains was a perfect spot for snapping some pictures. I was greeted by Kirstie who was the PR manager for the Huawei UK team. She was extremely helpful and polite. Straight away I was able to go to my room, which was probably best described as a suite. I honestly couldn't wait to get my bikini on and start the beyond basic selfies.

Day 1

After settling into my new room and meeting the others on the UK team, there was a gorgeous lunch set out. Every bit of the course was Instagram-worthy. I then had an hour to myself. With a view like this it would be rude not to get in the sun and admire the back drop for the hotel. It was also a good time to get to know my new phone. With the stunning twilight design on the back cover of the phone and the pristine camera, it fit in so well with the island. There was an easy transfer from my old phone to the new one which moved all of my pictures and videos in less than 15 minutes. I got a bit snap happy and couldn't stop taking pictures of the view in the different modes on the camera; aperture is definitely a favourite.

After getting ready, I boarded a coach and headed to the best 'dinner with a view' restaurant on the island. Nestled on the rocks close to the beach was a cosy spot that had one of the most breathtaking views of the sea I have ever seen. As the sun went down, every bit of light hit the water giving a perfect opportunity to get many angles of the stunning view. Another Insta-worthy dinner was provided accompanied by copious amounts of sangria and, as it was a Spanish island, it would be rude not to dive into the culture.

I was able to have a chat with Justin - one of the photographers - who gave me a few tips and tricks of the Huawei P20. One of these was the aforementioned aperture setting on the camera, which has the ability to focus on the main point in the picture and blur the rest of it out. It happens on so many popular Instagram pages and their posts, but being able to have this technique at your fingertips is spectacular and really sets the scene for a perfect picture.

Day 2

After maybe indulging in the Spanish culture too much with the sangria I had set nine alarms to guarantee I would be up at the right time - 8am! Despite the worry, I was one of the first people on location, which gave me some extra time to admire the view and get snapping some pictures. When breakfast was over there was a colour masterclass with Karen who explained how colours can affect the mood of a person or show the feeling of a person. It was a very interesting theory as I had not thought so much into depth about colour and how it has such a big effect on people even though we live and breathe it.

It was then time to head to the boat trip. This pirate styled ship (which I found out was actually a cargo ship used many years ago) was complete with day beds and a fully stocked bar. What more could a girl want?! It took an hour or so to sail to the destination to see the magical clear waters; on the way there were so many opportunities to take some stunning photos, and the scenery… well, it speaks for itself. There was rivalry on board as we all took part in a competition with a Huawei laptop up for grabs, and there was just as much tension as England’s semi-final match in the World Cup! Fortunately, this time it really did come home, as Zoey from the UK team took the top spot.

Before the night's events, we headed to the glitter workshop. I think I was probably looking forward to this the most as I am partial to a bit of sparkle. These Northern ladies showed us how to get the best festival looks and show off that twilight colour which the Huawei P20 wears so well. I think I may have gotten a bit too stuck in with the glitter as I ended up with it on my face, chest and arm. I had to stop myself there as I felt the other arm may be pushing it a bit. However this was all preparation for the big night ahead.

The beach club! Ibiza is famous for its many beach clubs. As I strutted into the huge space it was filled with so many people having fun. We had a VIP section, as we were having dinner, all whilst what looked like a mini festival was happening behind us. After polishing of a delightful three course meal it was time to brave the crowds and battle our way to the front to dance the night away. It was an electric atmosphere and the air was filled with the bounce of techno music. We had planned to leave at 1am, but a few of us decided to stay a lot later to really get into the clubbing scene and see what the place had to offer. It did not disappoint as after the outdoor party closed, the underground party was just beginning. The lights and music was a perfect mix and we stayed until the very end.

Unfortunately it was time to go home all the way back to Leeds on very little sleep. I can honestly say I did not want to leave this stunning island filled with such a buzz of life. The setting was outstanding and filled with the beauty of mother nature. The Huawei P20 helped me capture memories which will last me a lifetime. It was an experience I will never forget.

by Fionnuala McNulty

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