London Dungeons

London Dungeons

Are you fearless? Do you think you can take on anything? Or are you a big scaredy-cat? However brave you are (or not) The London Dungeons will get your heart pumping and you’ll soon find yourself running for the door. Dare to enter The London Dungeons but don’t expect to come out alive!

The Dungeons has recently moved locations and is now found between Big Ben and the London Eye so it is easy to visitors to find. And if you’re travelling by transport, Waterloo Underground is the nearest to the dungeons.

The London Dungeons now has 18 brand new shows, so if you’ve been before; come visit again for some never before experienced terrifying thrills. With 20 live actors, the Dungeons come alive and it is like stepping in to your worst nightmare. The actors have a way of involving the audience and capturing our attention, bringing us back to a time where thing were a lot different.

Enjoy this 90 minute experience where here you will travel through 1000 years of London’s chilling history.

At the Dungeons you will experience a boat ride, where here you are accused by Henry VIII of being part of Anne Boleyn’s conspiracy of treason. You are rushed on to the boat and here you share her final journey to her execution.  And to make the journey even more exciting, playing the King is Brian Blessed, who appears as a giant 3D head.

Discover what really happened when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament and visit the Torture Chambers where you could find yourself sat in the chamber chair, being tortured by the craftsman’s tools.

Take a trip to 1665 when the Black Plague was in full swing. Here you will see the gloomy houses of plague victims and see the plague doctor – but wait, he’s dead too.

The London Dungeons is packed with horrible history based in London; from Sweeney Todd’s ‘meat’ pies, Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders, and visit the courts room where you may be accused of many crimes. But will you be found innocent or sent to the Gallows?

And to finish the petrifying journey, you will step on to the Drop Dead ride, and like it says on the tin, you will drop to your death on this frightening ride.

To save money, book your tickets in advance online. The Dungeons is open Monday – Friday from 10am – 5pm (except on Thursday where it is open 11am – 5pm) and Saturday – Sunday from 10am – 6pm. Times vary on holidays so please check before you plan your visit. Standard online price for an adult (16+) is £22.00 and for a child 15 and under is £16.50. Not only are these prices cheaper than at the door, but it also means less queuing, and let’s face it, nobody likes to queue.

Are you brave enjoy to have a thrilling time at the Dungeons? Step inside and have a terrifying time!

By Claire Lancaster

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