We are often asked by companies to carry out hotel reviews, but being situatated in the middle of the Uk we tend to stay local or jump a train.  We were asked if we wanted to visit the Orestone Manor a family run hotel and restaurant after reading up about it how could we resist and find out for ourselves how beautiful it was and how stunning Torquay happens to be.

Orestone Manor

Orestone Manor

So we left on Saturday had a nice leisurely drive down and arrived at the hotel about 3pm but only after my husband had taken the wrong turning as we came off the motorway and it took us through a tiny village into what I only can describe a maze. The road was single track with hedges on either side about 10 foot high rather daunting and hoping oh my goodness please don’t have a car coming the the other way. Luckily for us there wasn’t but both wing mirrors where covered in pieces of bushes. But then again it all added to the experience of the true Torquay.

On arrival we were taken to what looked like a row of mews houses, we when we walked inside the room was spacious a bedroom on the groundfloor very tastfully decorated, then through patio windows opening onto a terrace with a hot tub.

Upstairs the room had a bath and a lounge area were we were able to make tea and coffee and a fridge to help chill the bottle of wine we had brought with us how romantic was this setting, again it opened onto a lovely private balconey over looking the sea in the distance. Which didn’t appear to be to far from where we were.

We had a little look around the grounds of the hotel each of the bedrooms are different and totally stunning.  The hotel itself had a really homely feel to it but you knew it had history. The present owners had restored it to its present state all rooms with Jacuzzi, so very romantic and truly a place you want to be.

We also decided to venture out and see what the location had to offer, we followed the route down to this little cove kids were swimming and this little shack was offering pulled pork barbequed and more was happening in the evening everyone goes down there to party on the beach and enjoy the BBQ

Stephen and I showered dressed and went into the main house for our evening meal.   The staff were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble, we were offered an apartief before our meal and I chose a house white on the owners recommendation. We also ordered a bottle of the same to take to the table.

I decided to eat from the regular menu and opted for Beef stroganogoff one of my favourites and this didn’t let me down, I do ask the staff for recommendations when it comes to food, so when the young man said the hotel specialised in its sea food and the scallops and lobster were superb I knew that was what I was going to have for my Sunday evening meal, they are both my favourites.  My husband Stephen had decided to have the fish which was truly delicious on our first night but he wasn’t sure what he was going to have on the Sunday.

After our evening meal and a bottle of wine we decided to go back to the room and get in the hot tub. We opened a celebratory bottle we had brought with us.  It was so nice to be able to lie back and chill enjoying our own company in the most picturesque place I think I have visited.  We retired to bed about 11 after a lovely day and evening.

Breakfast was severed in the main hotel we got there about 9.30 with a selection of cereals, pastries fresh fruit yogurt and of course the full English breakfast.  I decided to go for the healthy option with fresh fruit and Devon yogurt which locally produced and so creamy I thought I had picked up cream instead of the yogurt but was really happy to find that it was yogurt and I had been good afterall.  I was then tempted to have the full English and Stephen decided to have poached egg and salmon.

After breakfast we decided to take in some of the local attractions starting with a trip to Babbacombe miniature village, which was about 10 minutes drive from the hotel.  We were the one of the first ones there so we were able to have a leisurely wander and were able to have a really good look around.  There was so much detail in each display and lots of the truck and houses had really funny names, it must have taken them so along to get it right and the last house had a thatched roof which had to be replaced as the first one actually burned down.

After our visit to the model villages we decided to take the Funicular railway down to the beach we couldn’t come all this way without have tea and freshly made scones with jam and clotted cream. We sat and people watched for about half an hour and the weather and scenery was breath taking.  We took the lift back up but there is a walk way to take you to the top with little stop off seating areas.

In the afternoon we had chose to spend it at Sharpham Wine & Cheese, a vineyard and dairy which was about a 25 minute drive away and again through some picturesque villages

We had opted to take a tour of the vineyard and the estate which would be finished off with a selection of wine and cheeses to sample

We were placed in he care of a delightful young man called Guy who gave us the guided tour giving us the history and the wine making activities as well as the stunning cheeses they produced.

I can honestly say it was a lovely afternoon and I could have stayed there longer, but the call of the hot tub had me.

Our review and a more in depth review on Sharphams Cheese and Wine is contained in a separate article follow this link

So off we went again through some beautiful little villages with quaint Olde Worlde pubs heading back to the hotel. 

On our return the sun was shining the sky was blue and what better way to end your afternoon than a soak in a hot tub.  We had brought back some Fiz from Sharpham and had put it in the fridge to chill while we got ourselves sorted out. Music on Jacuzzi bubbling away nice bottle of wine what more could you want, absolutely fantastic.  We lazed away for about 2 hours totally chilled and looking forward to our evening meal. 

We dressed and walked over to the main hotel sat down before we went into the restaurant and had hor d’oeurve really rather morish but I knew what I was having so wanted to save myself.

A very charming waiter came over and took our order scallops and lobster my mouth was watering just at the thought of it.  We had a drink in the lounge before be lead to the restaurant. 

When the scallops arrived they looked so appealing and tasted fantastic, then the lobster came and wow it looked and smelt amazing and I when I had it, it tasted as good as it looked I definitely could have eaten it all over again. 

The food in the hotel has been truly delicious and all freshly cooked, all the staff are very willing to help and offer advice.  I didn’t want the our visit to end.  After our meal we staying in the lounge area and talked with guests and to some of the locals.  It all had a really nice comfortable feel about the place,  we decided to head off to our room about 11 as we were up and out early on the Monday to get back to work.

Monday we were up bright and early for breakfast again I had some fresh fruit to begin with and of course I had to go for the full English, Stephen though opted for the pastries and salmon with poached egg.

We had an lovely stay at the Orestone Manor, the hotel and we would truly recommend it for anyone looking for a truly magical place to stay with service second to none in and around Torquay area.

Orestone Manor scores a Five Star from Female First.

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