New research conducted by over-50s insurance and travel insurance specialist Staysure revealed that a 91% of us suffer from 'Repetitive Holiday Syndrome', with one in five returning to the same destination within a year. Topping the list for repetitive breaks are Cornwall, Paris, Majorca and Blackpool.

The sun!

The sun!

Sally Clements, from High Wycombe, said: "I've been to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote 25 times in the past 18 years - my husband and I absolutely love it. We tend to stay in the same hotel and are even on first name terms with the waiters in our favourite restaurants. It feels like we're going to a home from home, and we've made some brilliant friends as a result."

Here are the top 10 reasons people return to the same place year on year:

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Jumping on a plane and knowing that you're heading for warmer climes is a real draw for repeat offenders - especially when you're escaping the drizzly British weather back home - Spain, Portugal and France are the top destinations we just can't get enough of.

Still so much to see and do

In-between sunbathing and reading your favourite novel - it's hard to fit in seeing all the sights and attractions when you're on holiday…so by re-booking we don't have to cram it all in the first time round.

Great value destination/resort

Let's face it - getting a good deal can actually mean you enjoy a holiday even more…and if you got a great deal last time and the holiday was fun, then it's a tried and tested route.

Already knowing the best places to go

Less time getting lost finding a museum means more time by the pool - simple!

Life's a beach

While the British seaside has its charms - there's nothing like blue skies, clear water and white sand to really feel like you're on holiday. Especially if you've stumbled across the beach of your dreams on a previous trip.

Convenient travel time

Short haul destinations dominate the top places where 'RHS' takes place, as they provide a quick fix holiday option within a couple of hours transit. Meaning less time spent in the airport lounge, more time sipping cocktails.

F ood glorious food

Holidays often mean eating out two or three times a day - so if you know there is a restaurant offering your favourite fresh seafood paella nearby, chances are you'll be heading back for more.

Emotional connection to the place

Perhaps you had a great time last year and want to recreate the feeling of happiness - or you always went to Cornwall as a child and returning gives you a chance to relive your favourite childhood memories.

Don't want to 'risk' going somewhere new and not enjoy it

If you work hard all year and have saved up for a trip - there's nothing worse than being disappointed when you arrive.

The shopping

From colourful markets to designer boutiques, shopping on holiday for some is a top priority. You can stock up on your favourite brands, perhaps at a better price than at home!

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