When it comes to the summer holiday, it's natural to get excited - and for many of us, that excitement translates to lots and lots of planning!

Why are we so good at planning a getaway?

Why are we so good at planning a getaway?

From packing lists to budgeting spreadsheets, we women are a dab hand when it comes to planning for the most amazing holiday - something that's been proven by the International Exchange Currency (ICE) in their new survey. The data proved that women are more likely to research the costs of holidays than men, proving once and for all that we find comfort in being prepared. With this in mind, we've had a think about just why us womenfolk make sure good holiday planners - let us know if you think there's anything else that you think should make the cut!

We have powers of visualisation

Along with feeling like we've got a great imagination, we are also really good at visualising a situation and all potential outcomes. This means that we're often planning ahead by accident - whether that means popping an extra pair of pants in the hand luggage (in case the main suitcase gets lost, of course) or buying that second bottle of sun cream (regardless of the half a bottle you think you might have in the bathroom cabinet).

We're great at juggling many balls

Our day-to-day lives are an exercise in keeping all those balls up in the air at any one time. While some of them feel a little spikey when caught (like work and bill paying), others are lovely to spend a little time on. In essence, planning a holiday is like organising a girl's night out - you don't mind doing it because there's a reward to reap!

We love to ask for recommendations

Whether it's a colleague or the hairdresser, we have a brilliant recommendation network all of our own. Before we even have to Google our destination, the chances are that someone will know someone that's already been and had a great time - so you'll be armed with a list of bars, restaurants and sights to visit well ahead of time.

For better or for worse, we're really great at worrying

Few of us can say that we've never been caught unable to sleep, and not turned to the pad and paper on our bedside tables. Many are comforted by making a list of all the things spinning around their heads, and when it gets to holiday season, the notes increasingly say things like insurance, travel money and new sunglasses. Planning is practically therapy!

But we're also brilliant at having a good time

Yes, we might go a bit over the top in terms of planning (maybe, sometimes) but that merely allows us to have the best time when we're actually there! We're already armed with the knowledge of where the best beaches are, what time is best to head for dinner and where the locals love to party, so we can just get on with living it!

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