Using your phone anywhere you want

Using your phone anywhere you want

There have been times when we have used our mobile phones abroad and been shocked at the amount we have to end up paying for mere five minutes on the internet. Or a simple 10 minute phone call ends up costing us! So we looked at way for us Brits to save money and come back off holiday less stressed - who needs high bills after a nice relaxing holiday? 

It is one topic that many network providers are not clear on - and that is because their rates for using your phone abroad are quite high in comparison to making simple national calls. The thousands of minutes and texts you may have in the UK are useless when it comes to using your phone abroad.

So there is a new SIM that has been introduced; the innovative toggle mobile SIM card comes with a permanent UK number and the choice to include a selection of local numbers whilst travelling, which allows users can keep one SIM card for the entire duration of their travels.

So whether you're cruising in the Pacific or exploring Australia, the award winning toggle mobile is an easier and cheaper option to keep in contact with your nearest and dearest whilst your roaming internationally.

You can do a search on toggle SIMs on any search engine and they will explain all that you need to get started! Generally the allocated numbers are valid for thirty days but there are other options available for those going on lengthier travels.

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