Have you split up in any of them?

Have you split up in any of them?

Vouchercodespro.co.uk have found a pattern in the places where most romances end rather than begin or strengthen. It is assumed that short break away would be just the thing that brings a couple closer together, with romantic walks, meals out, quality time to talk and devote to each other. It sounds ideal; however these findings go against that notion. We look at some of the possible reasons that these places crack couples.


Paris- The pressure of the cliche can have the opposite effect!


Dublin- So much booze flowing all the truths come out!  


Venice- Not a great place to be if hate romantic boat rides as well as your partner!


Barcelona- One hates culture, the other loves it- 'we have nothing in common'- the arguments escalate.


New York- Look her flame has gone out just like in our relationship!


Tenerife- Maybe if I walk on I can pretend I just lost him!


Malia- Too much temptation! ‘Here is what you could have had!’


Alicante- On the Costa Blanca- there is nothing left to say...


Sharm el Sheikh- Shaken so much it is permenantly harmed.


Marmaris- Like ships that pass in the night..... 



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