The U.K. has many wonderful spots that you can visit on your next trip over. Whether you're travelling to the U.K. from abroad or are a local and would like to discover more parts of the country, you are in luck because there's a wide range of places to choose from. Now, there are a few things to take into account when planning your trip – consider taking a city trip, filled with activity or a trip out into the country to breathe some fresh air, the choice is up to you. 

UK Cities

UK Cities

A recent study revealed Europe's best art cities, keep reading below to find out which cities shine when it comes to art and culture. This article aims to not only shine a light on five of the best cities to visit in the U.K. but also share information regarding the atmosphere that you can expect and the activities you can indulge in so that you are well prepared beforehand. 

Hello, London

London is the number one most visited city in Britain. As the capital city, this makes sense. However, London offers so much more than just big city energy, there is a huge amount of cultural, cuisine and architectural sights in the city. London houses some of the best museums this world has to offer, such as the Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Art pours out of this city, with areas such as Bricklane being adorned by local wall artists. Furthermore, the walks along the Thames, the Borough Market filled with delicious and classic Fish and Chips, and the general livelihood of the city make it one filled with art, culture and fun activities. 

Hop Over to Manchester

Known as another big and great city is Manchester. Manchester ranked in spot 14 of the arty cities study, particularly due to its music scene and architecture. A mere two-hour train ride from London, this city boasts all that London has, but without the crowds. If you are looking to experience a truly British city but want to avoid the long queues, Manchester could be great for you as it houses many fun activities, from mystery rooms to city walking tours all the way to live football games. If you're interested in a bit of footie, you are in the right city and both Manchester United and Manchester City come from there. However, if the game of football doesn't tickle your fancy, then you might be better off at one of the many fine-dining restaurants that Manchester is known for.

Relax in the Cotswolds

A bit of change from the bustling London and Manchester is the stunning Cotswolds. Known as one of the most tranquil and relaxing little towns, this is a great place to go if you're looking for some fresh British air and downtime. Walk through the little cobblestone alleys, past the adorable and historically built stone houses that adorn the streets. If you are a fan of photography, this is a wonderful place to get beautiful shots in an aesthetically pleasing almost movie-set-like town. 

Beachy Brighton

Brighton is the most famous beachside town in England. Again, a mere one-hour train ride from London, it's easy to get to and well worth seeing. Brighton came in 18th place on Holidu's arty cities study, thanks to its 18 cosy concert halls! Known for its famous pier, which houses a lovely arcade and some rides, you can meander through the city with an ice cream in tow, weaving through the little bookstores and bakeries that the city has to offer. Finally finishing off on a beach bench to watch the sunset with a freshly battered piece of British fish.

Up North in York

Taking you all the way up north, past Birmingham and Liverpool, to York. This is a wonderful city, not exactly built for tourists as much as London or Manchester, but a great spot to visit exactly because of that reason. In York, you get to experience the true British nature, engage with locals and partake in a bit of banter. A stunning city to walk around as all the gardens and parks are kept impeccably. End the day with locals in one of the many pubs York has to offer.