Take a Bite Of Foreign Cuisine

Take a Bite Of Foreign Cuisine

The Post Office survey has found out that the stereotypical Briton image of sunburnt, loud and demanding a full English  whilst getting mardy with the waiters who do not converse in English is a thing of the past... It is now a time where Britons have shown they embrace culture, languages and eagerly explore the local delicacies.

Thai Cuisine

 The new traveller is far more venturesome where they love adventures (51%), are more enlightened (32%) and spontaneous too! (29%) in comparison to the 80's.

Therefore there is no surprise in the increase of solo travellers and those after a me-cation. More than double, in fact have admitted to doing this, but many actually go out looking for companionship.

Sunny destinations

Below is an idea of how our tastes in destination picks have also changed as we now like to explore far and wide to get a taste of different cultural activities. 



Spain  (2.6 m)

Spain (10,016 m)

Republic of Ireland (1.61 m)

France (7,791 m)

France (1.06 m)

Republic of Ireland (3,195 m)

Italy (0.65 m)

USA (2,280 m)

Germany (0.57)

Italy (1,907 m)

It’s not only the travelling patterns of herds of UK-holidaymakers that have been altered over time but also tastes have evolved where we are supposedly more accepting of others cuisines rather than demanding the "Egg and Chips" routine. . In actual fact, 66% of UK holidaymakers claimed they would now try local delicacies rather than stick to familiar UK food.

The below table shows us, the extent to how much our tastes have changed from the past. We are moving with the times it seems!








Sun oil

Sun spray


Egg & chips

Local street food


Messenger bags



Return of the Jedi

Royal baby

Preserving memories

Photo album



Lying on a sun lounger

Extreme sports


Paul Havenhand, Head of Travel at the Post Office, said: “UK holidaymakers’ habits and tastes have really evolved over the last 30 years, with even greater demand for convenience and speed when it comes to travel. With the advances in technology and transport, we think nothing of jumping on a plane within a few weeks of deciding where to go. This means that holidaymakers are now demanding an easier way to get everything they need, from money to insurance, in one place.


“The Post Office is the ideal one-stop shop for a simple and hassle-free way to get all the travel essentials in one place.”

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