Travel currency

Travel currency

Summer holiday booking may be in full swing as travel companies and airlines go into marketing overdrive, however they could be wasting their time with an increasing number of us now considering forgoing our annual break because we can’t afford to holiday.

As times get tough, holidays are usually the first things to go, even staycations become a luxury we just simply can’t afford.

And for those of us who do decide to splash out, finding an affordable location can be incredibly difficult and stressful. 

A lot of us may think leaving a holiday booking to the last minute works out better, or flying at night means we grab an off-peak bargain. But what is the best way to get an affordable deal?

Is it all in the time of year, or even the day you book? Which destinations are likely to be the cheapest this year, both abroad and in the UK? Is an all-inclusive package cheaper in the long run than doing it yourself?

And could considering other options such as private house rental over hotels mean you could afford a holiday after all?

Watch our live and interactive webTV show where travel journalist Simon Calder and Nilan Peiris from HouseTrip give their top travel tips on how to ensure you get a holiday this year without breaking the bank.

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