Renowned for its wackiness and unique performances, the Eurovision Song Contest is a show that gets Europe - and Australia - talking. Now, online gaming site have asked participants to name what they can recall always happening when they watch the annual event.

Poking fun at the performances, presenters and the UK's outrageous host Graham Norton, the list also takes into account the tactical voting from some countries with Greece and Cyprus as one of many who famously club together for the contest.

Graham Norton / Credit: BBC
Graham Norton / Credit: BBC

You can check the full list of 50 things out below.

  1. Laughing at anyone who gets nil point
  2. Dramatic key change during the final chorus of a song
  3. Costume change half way through a song
  4. The presenters make an inappropriate joke
  5. Acrobats
  6. Graham Norton is slightly tipsy
  7. Someone mispronounces Azerbaijan or Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Someone mentions how Sweden has won 14 times or ABBA
  9. One performance will be monumentally booed and not for any apparent reason
  10. Skimpy outfits
  11. Smoke machine
  12. Wind machine
  13. The winner cries during final song performance
  14. Awkwardness backstage in the Green Room
  15. Lots of heart shaped hand gestures
  16. Someone will use an instrument you have never seen in your life
  17. People dressed in metallics
  18. Fiercely Googling someone you vaguely recognise from an old soap
  19. Air grabs during powerful ballads
  20. Sweep stake a work
  21. You forget how long it actually is
  22. The score presenter for UK is trying not to laugh
  23. Cyprus gives Greece 12 points
  24. Greece gives Cyprus 12 points
  25. A one hit wonder uses the opportunity for a comeback and fails
  26. There's at least one song that leaves the stadium in stunned silence, and not in a good way
  27. Political voting for Russia
  28. Sequins, so many sequins
  29. A sea of flags
  30. An painful time delay with commentators
  31. Terrible falsetto
  32. Matching outfits
  33. A boy band sitting on stools
  34. Token novelty old person act
  35. Fireworks
  36. Wardrobe malfunction
  37. Lyrics poorly translated into English
  38. Someone fluffs a dance routine
  39. Strobe lighting
  40. The hosts flirt a little
  41. Confetti
  42. The score presenters from other countries enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame a little too much
  43. An entry proudly wears their country's traditional costume
  44. Flame throwers
  45. Dodgy wigs
  46. A song uses languages interchangeably
  47. Wordless lyrics - like when chorus consists entirely of la, la la's
  48. Songs have 'Love' in the title
  49. Bare feet and bare torsos
  50. A song has a random theme no one really understands

A spokesperson from said: "As a nation, we always get involved in the Eurovision hype, but we never take it seriously. 

"It's been great to reminisce about all the previous entries as some of them truly are hilarious. 

"It's all in good humour to poke fun of the political voting and bizarre performances because that's what Eurovision is all about."

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place tonight and can be watched on BBC One from 8pm.

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