Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Our runners up medal goes to what many have called one of the finest television shows of all time, and one that has totally changed the careers of its leading men and left a permanent imprint on the landscape of American television.

Breaking Bad started five years ago and has gone from strength to strength over its time on the air, with its tale of a man turning from high school teacher to crime lord of New Mexico.

Despite only rolling out the first half of its final series this year, Breaking Ba did more than enough to be at the tippy top of this year’s TV.

While the show getting rid of the terrifying Gustavo at the end of last year could have been a massive misstep, it’s given the show a whole new complexion. Walt truly is ‘the one who knocks’ now and it’s a role he’s taken to with vigour.

It’s freed the show up slightly in terms of tone too, with last year’s oppressive and nerve shredding atmosphere lifted just enough to allow room to breathe.

Walt and Jesse are still an unbeatable combination. When they’re together on screen, the show makes everything look effortless. Their arcs have been masterfully crafted too, wonderfully nuanced with the right amounts of grey to make their descent into hell all the more enrapturing.

Bryan Cranston is also still a power house at the centre of the show, a composed, singular force of nature at the very heart of the storm. Aaron Paul just keeps getting better and better as Jesse, while making Jonathan Banks as the world weary Mike a series regular is a decision that keeps paying off.

It all makes the continued ignorance from UK channels all the more migraine inducing. This is a drama of incredible depth and this tale of a good man gone bad is one that should be seen by everyone. No exceptions.

We can’t wait to see how it all ends next year.

What do you think to Breaking Bad coming in at number two on our list? Let us know in the comments.

We’ve only got one more spot left to go on our countdown, have you managed to guess what it is yet? No matter, come back to see what we crown as the best show of 2012.

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