The Poster for Tonight's Doctor Who

The Poster for Tonight's Doctor Who

This is it. Tonight’s Doctor Who sees the end of Amy and Rory and the return of those terrifying stone angels.

As we look to wave goodbye to Amy and Rory Pond, probably through a veil of tissues, here at FemaleFirst we decided to have a look at the Doctor’s companions over the last few years and see just how they did.

Rose –

With the start of a new show comes a lot of questions. Many surrounded the re-launch of Doctor, none of them bigger than whether Billie Piper could hack a dramatic acting role.

Previously a teenage pop star that had become more famous due to a romance with radio DJ Chris Evans, Billie Piper’s acting experience could have fitted on the back of a matchstick box, with some fans even stating that her inclusion onto the show was simply stunt casting.

How wrong we all were, as Piper was brilliant in her two series as Rose Tyler, the spunky, self-assured girl who would win the hearts of even the most sceptical of Whovians, picking up the ‘Most Popular Actress’ awards at the National Television Awards in both 2005 and 2006.

Rose herself was a big part of that, with her sassy, whip smart character bouncing brilliantly with both Christopher Eccleston and then David Tennant’s Doctors and being named as the favoutie companion of Radio Times, Digital Spy and Doctor Who Magazine readers.

Add in one of the most emotional farewells in TV and Rose was burnt onto the mind of every Who fan out there. Billie Piper and Rose are most definitely one of the main reasons why the show lasted more than a year and became the smash hit it is today.

Martha –

Following up Rose was always going to be a tough act, but Freema Agyeman and Martha Jones took up the gauntlet in 2007.

While Rose and later both Donna and Amy come with more street than book smarts, Martha was positively the opposite, an educated, middle class girl with her eyes on a medical licence of her own.

While a romantic link was always hinted at with Rose and The Doctor, it was obvious for all too see here, with Martha’s unrequited love the reason for her leaving. So far, she’s the only one to leave of her own free will.

Unfortunately the show slightly suffered for all of her wistful looks and longing stares and Martha didn’t make too much of an impact on the show’s history until she massively grew when her last episodes had her walk the Earth alone.

A role model she might have been, but thrilling she wasn’t.

Donna –

The ultimate marmite companion, Donna appeared in the previous year’s Christmas special of the show before taking on the role full time for series 4.

Despite massive trepidation around her casting, Catherine Tate proved to be hit, with critics praising her performance, as well as the character being completely different to all the previous companions. Loud, brash and, well, loud, Donna was a breath of fresh and a nicely emotional antidote to the Doctor’s occasional aloofness.

Donna was also refreshingly uninterested in our favourite Gallifreyan when it came to romance, with the simplified friendship between the two letting the character breath that little bit more.

A lot of the credit has to go to Tate though. While her casting was risky, it was a gamble that paid off, with Tate pulling through magnificently, especially at her heart-breaking end.

Donna’s stay in the Tardis was brief but memorable.

Amy & Rory –

Easily the longest incumbents of the Tardis so far, Amy and Rory were a part of the show’s entire re-dux two years ago, alongside Matt Smith coming in as the titular time traveller and Steven Moffat taking over the show.

They’ve easily had the rockiest ride of the four companions so far, with their relationship tested to breaking point on a number of occasions, with Roy even disappearing from existence for a short time before waiting a thousand years to see his love again.

It’s Rory who’s the strong link of the two, able to smooth out the rough edges to Amy (who can be just a little annoying, let’s be honest) and always there with a wonderfully downplayed piece of sarcasm. Bringing him along for the ride has been one of the show’s best decisions to date.

Having a couple in the Tardis with the Doctor though has been a nice change of scenery, and thankfully avoided the love triangle that constantly seemed to be raising its head throughout their first series.

While we don’t know what fate awaits Amy and Rory, they’ve been a key part of the newest iteration of the BBC’s biggest show and how the new team handles their first cast change will be interesting to see.


Doctor Who is on BBC One tonight.

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