While we’ve already looked at the actors and actresses categories, we shift our gaze on to the shows themselves and what we want to take home those prestigious little statuettes.

So here are our picks for the Best Drama, Best Musical Or Comedy and Best Miniseries and just how viable we think their tilt at the crown is this year.

Best Drama Series – Homeland

Well, we gave it our award for the best show on TV in 2012, so we really couldn’t look anywhere else but here for our preferred winner of this competition.

While we may have gotten a full double shot of Homeland in the UK in 2012, the show debuting in its native land at the back end of 2011, meaning that it will be solely the second series of the show that will be getting judged.

While it may not have the same nail biting political tension as the first set of episodes, Homeland’s second year was fraught with emotion, incredibly well paced and delivered a gut punch the Hulk would have been proud of in its finale.

Likelihood of winning – 7/10

While Homeland picked up the coveted win last year at the Golden Globes, this year it may have a much harder time claiming the crown.

With Breaking Bad finally getting nominated in its final year of being, America’s love of Downton Abbey and the second series of Homeland maybe not producing that same zeitgeist as the first did in the States, the gripping drama’s going to have to scrap really hard to get back to back victories.

With a quartet of shows loved by American critics (The Newsroom may only be there completing the five due to the Golden Globe’s love of Aaron Sorkin) in the shortlist, this is going to be a battle to the very end for victory.

Best Comedy Series – Girls

Lena Dunham’s series had a whole load of build-up, even before its debut in America early in 2012. With Judd Apatow involved and Dunham being praised left and right, it would have been easy for Girls to have been disappointing. Thankfully, it managed to exceed even the highest of expectations.

Girls was a breath of fresh air, a wonderfully candid look into the confused, mixed up mind of a millennial trying to figure out just how this crazy thing called adult life is meant to work. Frank, unglamorous and hilarious, Girls was our favourite comedy of last year and more than deserving of taking home the proverbial bacon this year.

Likelihood of winning – 8/10

With Glee not nominated for the first time, the field is more open than ever this year, but Girls looks like the only challenger to Modern Family in the pack. While Smash may be basically Glee with teeth, it may not have quite enough charm to get into the hearts of the judges and may find itself without a medal around its neck.

Modern Family continues to be the network comedy that unites America and Episodes continues to be a hit with the judging panel, but the sheer amount of buzz around Girls and its creative team might just see it win this fight with the beloved ensemble comedy.

Best Mini Series – The Hour

With Downton Abbey no longer classified in this bracket the contenders can rest easy knowing that the Earl of Grantham isn’t going to deny any chance of a win. The news just keeps getting better for those nominated; with the absence of Game Of Thones leaving the door wide open for one of our five nominees to run through.

We think The Hour should have that particular metaphorical gate held open for it, as both visually and dramatically it’s the best of the best of the nominees. Stunningly shot and gorgeously adorned, The Hour is trip down memory lane that really is worth taking with some great performances backing up the beautiful visuals.

While not perfect and can often come across as overly cold, it’s easily the stand out candidate from a group that’s seems more based around star names and big performances than brilliant drama.

Likelihood of winning – 4/10

Even without the presence of Game Of Thrones and Downton Abbey, this category looks set to be dominated by a single show. Game Change.

Having swept the board at the Emmys, HBO’s drama about Sarah Palin’s rise in American politics throughout the 2008 election campaign looks set to add a Golden Globe to its roster of trophies

Once again, The Hour may find itself having to play second fiddle to its higher profile and inferior American cousin The Newsroom.


That brings our look forward to next weekend’s Golden Globes to a close, but make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section and have a look at our favourites for the actors and actresses nominated.

FemaleFirst Cameron Smith