Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

Three years in the making, Britain’s best loved comedian returns with a brand new, sell out, live stand-up show, SHOWTIME! coming to DVD and Blu-ray with UV on 12th November and available to order here.

To celebrate Michael McIntyre’s return, we take a look at some of the floppy-haired funny man’s most brilliant moments, including one of the many highlights from his latest tour SHOWTIME!

- Michael on Kids

Michael’s kids are a huge influence in his newest DVD SHOWTIME! and provide a large portion of inspiration for his material.

In this clip, Michael discusses the lengths he takes to keep his children busy, even if he isn’t exactly playing fair.

- Michael on Women & Dresses

Happily-married Michael has a knack for pointing out the occasionally irrational outbursts from women.

In this clip, Michael describes the common problem of varying clothes sizes in different stores and the amusing reaction that his wife had on a shopping trip.

- Michael on peeing in the sea

Not one to shy away from toilet humour, Michael gets some of his best jokes from the conduct of people in awkward situations.

This clip centres on what he feels is the logical thing to do when you’re in the sea and nature calls, while featuring some truly disturbing facial expressions to look out for next time you head to the beach.

- Michael on hotel stays

A master of pointing out farcical social norms, Michael laughs in the face of civilised society.

In this clip he explains the song and dance that surrounds getting into bed in a hotel room and absurdity of the ‘turning down’ service that requires one to hook in and follow choccie. . .

- Michael on posh people getting drunk

Raised in Hampstead, Michael is not opposed to making fun of the affluent.

This incredibly popular clip focuses on the unlimited amount of words that posh people can use to replace the word ‘drunk’ and is guaranteed to make you try some of your own!

Michael Mcintyre Showtime! Is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Click here to buy Michael Mcintyre Showtime on DVD

Click here to buy Michael Mcintyre Showtime on Blu-Ray

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