Holly Willoughby’s husband Dan Baldwin reportedly has “major plans to dominate TV”.

Holly Willoughby’s husband Dan Baldwin has 'major plans to dominate TV'

Holly Willoughby’s husband Dan Baldwin has 'major plans to dominate TV'

The 48-year-old producer has worked on a number of programmes such as ‘Michael McIntyre’s Big Show’ and 'Celebrity Juice' and now an insider has claimed that he looking to follow in the footsteps of music mogul Simon Cowell, who achieved TV success with formats like 'The X Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Dan has major plans to dominate TV. He’s seen how Simon has created a dynasty and wants to follow suit.

“There’s a clear goal not just to match what Simon has achieved but also bring TV into a new era by creating a fresh batch of blockbuster shows and huge stars on multiple lucrative platforms.

“He’s always been ambitious but he’s really ramped up his empire-building now.”

The insider claimed that Dan - who tied the knot with former 'This Morning' star Holly in 2007 - and his wife have "profited" from each other's talents and claimed that a number of potential joint projects will serve them well for "many years" to come should they manage to get them off the ground.

The source said: “Dan and Holly have profited from each other’s talents, there’s no doubt about that.

“He makes the shows, she presents them and they know exactly how their joint projects should come off.

“It’s a perfect scenario and one they’ll continue to thrive off for many years.”

The claims of Dan’s TV plans come after his agency Hungry Bear Talent - which he founded in 2014 - signed 12 of the 16 athletes for ‘Gladiators’, earning him a big payout in the process.

An insider told The Mail on Sunday: “Dan made the reboot with his company, sold it to the BBC for a lot of money and now he has shrewdly signed up some of its most popular young stars … Whatever they make now, he will get extra money via the management company.”