Big Brother Canada's Hermon became the first member of the Jury in Season 10 / Picture Credit: Global
Big Brother Canada's Hermon became the first member of the Jury in Season 10 / Picture Credit: Global

Big Brother Canada Season 10 reached a landmark point this weekend, as the official Jury phase began and the latest evictee walked out of the House, before being sent straight back into sequester rather than on the next flight home!

Here, we speak to that evictee - Hermon Nizghi - all about his time in the House, what it means to make Jury, his relationship with Jess and more!

Hello Hermon! How are you feeling today? Have you had a chance to really let everything sink in just yet?

It’s currently happening! Yeah, it’s sinking in right now, I’m taking it all in for sure.

You may have been evicted but, you are the first member of this season’s Jury, so how does that feel?

It’s honestly pretty incredible. I was expecting to be on a flight back home right now so, this is a step up for sure. I’m happy.

As the first member of the Jury House, will you be trying to influence people at all when they start to come through, as to who you think should win?

I’ll take ‘yes’ for $10,000! Absolutely, I will be trying to influence people. That’s my job, I like to talk to people.

Let’s go back to the start of the season, how did you feel when you walked into the House and saw all those bright colours and mystery doors?

I’ve never seen that much light in one place in my life. The people were great, the colours, the doors, the wheel! Does it spin, does it not spin? There were so many questions. A lot of big personalities and yeah, it was just incredible. I feel like I’ve got a pretty big personality, but I didn’t feel that big in there, I’ll tell ya.

You were the first Head of Household, what was that like?

Oh I was just giving them a look at the beast, you know! I was the comp beast, I was like ‘I can do puzzles, I’m gonna be a problem this season!’ I was nervous though, because you've gotta make the first decisions and, show your cards a bit and, try and get people to not target you right away because you won first HOH so, I think I did a good job at removing that target in Week 2.

Do you feel that being the first HOH set you up well to get instant connections with your fellow Houseguests?

Yeah! In hindsight, absolutely. As I got into Week 3, 4, 5 and I realised how hard the HOHs were gonna be to win… It made me have to have game chats with everyone, Day 2. I talked to all 15 Houseguests Day 2, and I know a lot of other people didn't necessarily have game chats with everyone until Week 2… so it did give me a head start that way.

You and Jess didn’t click, why do you think that was?

I just feel like, Jess and I are from… It wasn't from lack of effort, I think we both tried, but we’re just from two very different worlds. We had to learn how to communicate properly. There were things that I would do that would irritate Jess and then, Jess’ humour would irritate me. It just got to a point where we’re like, ‘why don't we just, not hang out, that’s okay.’ You can’t be best friends with everybody. It’s not Big Best Friends, it’s Big Brother.

Jess did put you up during their HOH, and was upfront about being annoyed due to your dancing onto the block. Speak to me a little bit about your decision to do that and, to dance right back off the block when you won the Veto.

I was gonna say, make sure you put that in there! The decision to do it was, you control and have the power this week, you get to put me up and take my life into your hands. I get a five-second walk and I will take that power and do with that as I will. That was my thinking behind it. It rubbed them the wrong way a bit, I figured dancing off would rub ‘em just as bad the wrong way, so I thought I'd stick it to ‘em a little bit.

Why do you think in the end, Marty took a swing at you and backdoored you this week?

I think Jess was his Number 1 and I think he felt like he had the numbers based on his conversations and, he was able to plant just enough doubt in some of my really close people like Summer and Josh, where he felt like he had the numbers to execute his plan and well… He did!

This was the second unanimous vote of the season, were you shocked that you didn’t get any votes to save you?

No, I wouldn’t want anyone to risk their game to throw me a sympathy vote or a goodwill vote, I don’t believe in those. That’s why earlier on this season, there were all these 9-2, 8-2, 10-2, 11-2, there were rogue votes everywhere. I wouldn’t want anybody to risk their game to make me feel better. I’m a big boy!

Who are you hoping comes through that door behind you and takes the next spot in the Jury House?

Marty! Marty! Marty! Marty! That’s who I want to come in there next.

Who at this point has shown you they have what it takes to go all the way and win this game?

Showmance is positioned very well. They are the least threatening showmance I think I've seen in a long time, they’re just so goddamn likeable. And I think Summer is positioned really well too. But I want… I want Moose to win, you know? That’d be great. My boy.

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