Mads Mikkelsen portrays Hannibal Lecter

Mads Mikkelsen portrays Hannibal Lecter

The classic horror genre hasn't ever been so widely represented on the small screen as it is today.
Shows such as 'American Horror Story', 'True Blood' and 'The Walking Dead' have garnered millions of loyal fans worldwide over the past few years, and have done well to keep people satisfied with multiple seasons, but those real nail-biters that set the Horror wheels in motion have either been cast aside or remade for the big screen - and quite often succumb to large numbers of negative reviews.
This snub however seems to be subsiding, with the past 12 months seeing those such as 'The Silence Of The Lambs' reimagined and transformed into their very own ongoing television series.
That show, 'Hannibal', has seen decent reviews for Sky Living throughout its transmission of season one in the UK, and now 'Bates Motel', which premiered just under two weeks ago on the Universal Channel is helping pave the way for a whole new brand of TV. Horror junkies aren't complaining and critics are enjoying the modern-day fresh meat.
With 'Dracula' expected in October of this year, also to Sky Living, and MTV's 'Scream' - which has recently hired hit-series 'Revenge' writers Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin - in the Summer of next, the old classics are making a comeback like never before; and they're doing it in style.
Thankfully the dreaded remake is being avoided as producers have decided both prequels and sequels should now be

Classic shower scene from 'Psycho'

explored, satisfying anyone who's ever asked themselves just what it was that turned Norman Bates into the infamous 'Psycho', or how Hannibal Lecter developed into the flesh eating villain we met so many years ago.

The genre has been reignited and now constantly reshapes and evolves to bring us something a little different each time. Rules are no longer in place and the key to success seems to be imagination and unique ventures.
As boundaries continue to be pushed - though not quite as far as the unforgettable 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' musical extravaganza - lovers of all things bloody, gory and downright scary should be able to relax in the knowledge that their next horror hit is right around the corner

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