Tasha Ghouri is Love Island UK's first deaf contestant / Picture Credit: ITV
Tasha Ghouri is Love Island UK's first deaf contestant / Picture Credit: ITV

Love Island got off to a dramatic start on ITV2 last night (June 6th, 2022) as five girls and five boys entered the all-new villa, for a summer of romance in the pursuit of ever-lasting love. For the first time ever, the public were entrusted with coupling up the newbies based on first impressions alone, leaving some Islanders happier than others.

Another twist in the form of the series’ first Bombshell walked through the doors later that night, as Davide made his debut and turned a few of the heads of the girls right away.

One of the most memorable moments of the premiere however, came when Tasha Ghouri announced that she was born completely deaf in one ear, before revealing to the group that she was wearing an implant to help her understand what each of them were saying.

That cochlear implant went viral on social media last year when Tasha was modelling for a brand, with people across the globe celebrating the inclusivity of the marketing campaign.

The 23-year-old model and dancer hails from Thirsk, and says that up until this point, her dating life has been “a shambles”. So, she’s excited for this opportunity to find ‘the one’, in her own words, as she is “ready to get to know someone, go on holidays and travel with them.”

Being able to do all three of those things in one place this summer, Tasha does say that she thinks some guys are quite “intimidated” when they first meet her: “I’ve been on so many dates before but it just hasn’t worked out for me. I haven’t found that click with somebody yet.”

Describing herself as “goofy and a joker”, Tasha thinks that her loved ones would describe her as “wild” and a “party animal”, but someone who is “very loyal” to her friends and family. “I’m the type of person to put others before me.” Hopefully, that doesn’t mean letting an opportunity with one of the boys slip her by, because one of the other girls are interested!

“I do love dating,” she continues, “I think dates are so important even when you are in a relationship. I think you should keep dating, have fun and find out more about each other.”

As for her best date? “Probably when I was in Greece for my birthday. We were at a really nice hotel and I walked past the pool and I saw hundreds of red petals, candles and everything. He said, ‘Shall we get a photo here?’ and I said, ‘I wonder who did this?’ and he said, ‘it’s for you’.”

Could Tasha's head be turned in tonight's episode of Love Island? / Picture Credit: ITV
Could Tasha's head be turned in tonight's episode of Love Island? / Picture Credit: ITV

Despite this, Tasha hasn’t ever been in love, and says: “I haven’t been in love but I do get attached very easily – I can like someone really quick. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Let’s hope the Love Island men treat her right and this is the beginning of a beautiful, blossoming romance for this history-making Islander!

Currently coupled up with Andrew, the two seem to be getting on, but could Tasha’s head be turning already?

In tonight’s episode, she says in the Beach Hut: “Andrew is giving me good vibes and good energy. But Luca seems very sweet.” Luca may also be feeling the same way, admitting later on that “there may be something there”…

Love Island continues each night at 9pm on ITV2. The launch show is available to stream now on the ITV Hub.

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