What can you tell us about what's going on in Jenny's head at this point?

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

Jenny thinks the only way to keep Jack safe is to have him with her at all times. For the first time too she starts to remember the son she lost.

How is she feeling in the wake of the showdown with Maddie?

She's so conflicted. But she only has one mission and that is to ensure, in her misguided way, that Jack is safely in her sole care.

How confident is she that she can get away with what she's doing?

She's clearly deluded and because she believes it's the right thing to do I don't think she thinks about 'getting away with' anything. This is the only option she sees.

Does she have any guilt?

She does have guilt but is focused on the job in hand which is protecting Jack.

Does she care about Kevin?

I think she does care about Kevin, a great deal actually, but because she isn't seeing things as they really are she can only see him as an obstacle in her desire to keep Jack safe.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

How well has she planned the kidnap - how long ago did she hatch the plan?

She isn't Machiavellian! She isn't twiddling her moustache and drawing up plans. She is deeply traumatised about the death of her son and is reacting rather than acting.

How is Jack coping with being away from his family at this point?

Jack loves and trusts Jenny - why wouldn't he, she really does care about him and have his best interests at heart - but he is confused as to why she has taken him away from Daddy and Sophie.

What happens when Rita and Kevin turn up at the flat?

It took a lot for Jenny to reach out to Rita and she feels that she has been betrayed as Kevin has also come along when she only wanted Rita. Jenny is deeply hurt and feels she can't trust anyone.

What effect does Sophie's arrival have?

Sophie simply thinks Jenny is completely mad!

Can anyone get through to Jenny?

She's known Kevin for a long time and she does care for him deeply. He holds the key.

Would she jump if she really had to?

She obviously feels she has nothing to live for - no family, no child, no husband, no boyfriend. I think she is extremely desperate.

What were these scenes like to film?

Exhausting! They were also so fulfilling as an actress. The opportunity to be covered in tears and snot doesn't come around very often.

What have you made of the storyline - did you know about it when you returned?

I did know about the story though I didn't know the extremes that Jenny would go to. It's certainly captured the interest of the viewer and ultimately that's the main thing.

How have people reacted to Jenny's return?

Twitter and Facebook were quite a scary place to be when Jenny slapped Maria so what it's going to be like in the next few weeks is anyone's guess! I hope they see that there is a genuine reason for her behaviour and from reaction so far I think the viewers will have sympathy for her situation.

Jenny's story is expected to conclude next week on Coronation Street, running through Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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