If there's something about this show to be admired, it's Susan Lucci's stellar performance.

She's an asset to the cast and plays her role to utter perfection, enjoying her new-found fortune since the death of her new husband Phillipe after being told by her maid Zoila that three months of grieving really is enough.

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Valentina's back in town after breaking up with Remi, and there's a new pool boy who's got his eye on wooing the gorgeous Latino.

Her make-up with her mother didn't last long, as the pair were at one another's throats again disagreeing on just what's best for Val's future.

Meanwhile, it seems The Powells will never get a break as they host a dinner party for the richest of their friends in Beverly Hills, only for it to be raided by armed robbers who stole all of the jewellery on display, only to later sell it on for around $40,000 (except Evelyn's necklace), which they then handed out to the homeless, necklace included.

I'm a little unsure about how I feel going down this Robin Hood storyline, but I'll give it chance to breathe before passing too much judgement.

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Adrian - a touch overplayed in this episode by Tom Irwin - is distressed ever since the robbery, and it's driving another wedge between him and his wife, who now has some eye candy in the form of hunky new British bodyguard Tony.

Elsewhere, Carmen's living the high life as Alejandro's fake girlfriend, but it's leaving Odessa with a sour taste in her mouth because her former friend no longer seems to have any time for her.

Hashing out their problems, their friendship seems to get back on track, and I'm hopeful it's one that continues to be fleshed out in episodes to come as it's one of the more interesting relationships on the show.

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Those who worry about Rosie's return to the show need not panic, she's not been deported but has absolutely no idea that it was Peri who reported her to the authorities, visiting her on her freeing from the detention centre.

It doesn't take long for Spence to turn up and welcome her home, but his confession that the deplorable Peri is pregnant comes down hard on her, leaving her sobbing and seemingly ending her relationship with the man she loves.

Little do they both know that Peri is in the doctors as they speak, demanding they help her get pregnant immediately. She lied to secure the position of her husband, but will it be enough?

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Marisol seems to have moved on in the three months since her son was cleared of murder charges, and is now engaged to Nicholas - a rich man with a very strange maid named Opal and a shady past in which he claims his former partner Dahlia committed suicide. We know he's hiding something, but Marisol does not, and though she's made a great impression on her future husband, Opal needs a little more convincing and seems to be hatching a plan to get rid of Marisol just as quickly as she arrived.

Eva Longoria has done a fantastic job in her televisual directorial debut with this season opener, and I for one can't wait to see her when she comes in front of the camera - hopefully as her much-loved Desperate Housewives character Gabrielle Solis.

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Devious Maids continues Tuesdays at 10pm on TLC.

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