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After the announcement that she's pregnant, Peri's efforts to keep her marriage on track go to waste when Spence tells her that he wants a divorce and admits to his affair with Rosie, claiming she's now the woman he loves.

Peri later threatens her husband, claiming she'll ruin his good name in the press as she's America's Sweetheart, and if he ever sees Rosie again - even once - she'l move to Europe and take their only child with him - also confessing she lied about the pregnancy.

News of the split ends up on television before long and rumours of Spence's cheating are already planted and swirling around America. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Spence has to turn Rosie away when she goes to check on him, and end their relationship for good.

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Rosie meanwhile is working a new job with a very difficult family who refuse to get along despite the dwindling health of the man they both love - their father and their husband Kenneth.

He lets his feelings be known however, slamming his fist on the table when things get too much and ensuring Rosie's loyalty to him rather than to his wife or daughter.

Family life is going from bad to worse for Zoila who is still being ignored for Valentina, but refuses to be shut out after learning she's taken a job and residence at The Powell's estate.

Doing everything possible to get her daughter back - who has a new love interest in the new pool boy - she pushes even her husband too far who claims he's been unhappy for as long as he can remember, and she treats the family unfairly.

Packing a suitcase he leaves the home, and Zoila is more alone than ever before.

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Meanwhile, Marisol is preparing for her wedding day by moving her things into Nicholas's grand home, but the maid Opal has other ideas and completely flips when Marisol attempts to move Dahlia's belongings to the garage.

After some manipulative chat with Nicholas, Marisol gets her way and sends all of Dahlia's belongings to charity, but then seeks the advice of friends Rosie and Zoila when Opal has a mini-breakdown.

They suggest she should apologise and she realises that she may have been a little harsh on her maid, having lived the life of the help just three months prior. The two exchange apologies and hope to start afresh with one another, but with Nicholas leaving them on their own for a week will they be able to cope?

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Continuing to enjoy the party lifestyle, Carmen gets a little ticked off when Alejandro so openly flirts with a man he introduces as Dario - and later reveals as "the one who got away", and the man whom he still loves.

Considering a move to Spain with Dario so that he doesn't miss out once more, Carmen begins to panic and enlists the help of Odessa to look through her contract, revealing that it's only binding if the pair go through with tying the knot - something he's now considering cancelling altogether so he can live his life.

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Evelyn makes a shocking discovery out shopping with her friend when she notices her blood-red ruby pendant on the neck of a homeless woman, and so she tries to wrestle it back but is unsuccessful in retrieving it.

She later decides to visit some of the homeless hotspots and hand out sketches of the woman, where Adrian is no use in protecting her against unwanted advances, and it's up to bodyguard Tony to save the day, whom it appears is trying his hardest to impress Mrs Powell - proved further when he retrieves her necklace by (implied) force.

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The engagement party comes around and though Alejandro has his reservations about putting it on at all, Carmen has a plan.

Getting him as drunk as possible she invites the Reverend round and wants "to give the people what they want" when they all begin chanting for the wedding to take place there and then.

Alejandro takes her aside however and tells her he can't marry her, but because of his love for her as a friend he is going to do everything in his power to ensure she has a career, not just because of their bond but because he truly believes she can be a star.

This emotional exchange takes place as the thieves who robbed the Powells in the last episode are storming Alejandro's house and when he appears on the balcony after hearing all the screaming, a shot fired into the air hits him right in the chest.

Odessa and Carmen try everything in their power to help out, and an ambulance is called, but it's no use.

As Carmen cries over the lifeless body of her former friend and fiancé, could it not only be him she sees slipping away but that of her entire music career?

Devious Maids continues next Tuesday, 10pm on TLC.

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