Doctor Who returns to our screens this Easter weekend to start the second half of the show’s series and also deliver us our first real bout of Clara/Doctor action.

While we’ve seen her in the Christmas special, this is a different Clara all together and marks the first major shift in the dynamic in Doctor Who since the show changed its writing staff and cast three years ago.

For us, the introduction of Clara is just thing to get us all excited about travelling through time and space once again, and we thought we’d share why.

She’s New

While I always liked Amy and Rory (although others in the FemaleFirst caverns didn’t take to The Ponds), they’ve been on the show since it’s reinvention a few years ago. Over that time, it feels as if we’ve explored every nook and cranny for their relationship and seen their reactions to pretty much everything that time and space can throw at them.

While it might seem mercenary, this is why we want to see a new companion, to have a fresh set of eyes look over the craziness in front of them, as exploring strange worlds with them is half the fun of Doctor Who.

She’s A Puzzle

So far, we’ve met Clara twice, and she’s died twice. Even weirder, she appears to still be very much alive, just in another era.

While we’re as utterly bamboozled as you are, the fact that she just keeps coming back in different forms is utterly beguiling to us. We love a puzzle and if Clara’s very existence is going to be one , then we can’t wait to see what the ‘impossible girl’ might really be all about.

Jenna Louise Coleman’s Performances

In the two times that she’s been on the show, we may have been left all confused by her characters and how the timeline all works out (we try not to think too hard about time travel) but what we’ve not been left muddy headed over has been Jenna Louise Coleman’s performances.

While she was a standout cast member in Emmerdale, we didn’t expect her to instantly feel like the show’s MVP when she first appeared at the beginning of this seventh series of Doctor Who this year. Her liveliness on screen was evident in her performance on the Christmas special, and with we’re hoping with the extra screen time, she’ll be even better.

She’ll Change The Doctor

In an interview with The Radiotimes she said that “Clara’s this new human that he isn’t used to, so he doesn’t quite know how to deal with her.”

That can only be a good thing, as it’s just no fun when the doctor knows exactly what’s going on around him. The more surprises that you can throw at him, the better the show will be.

Not only that, but a different Doctor could a welcome change of pace, as not everyone is currently in love with Matt Smith’s version of the time-hopping alien as they were with David Tennants. Perhaps this change in surroundings is exactly the shot in the arm his performance needs.

What do you think, is Clara going to get you excited for Doctor Who again, or are you already chomping at the bit to get back in the Tardis? Let us know in the comment section.

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